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Pehla Nasha: 'I fell in love after our wedding'

Last updated on: February 14, 2011 09:10 IST

Pehla Nasha: 'I fell in love after our wedding'


It may all seem a little funny now and may mean nothing to you beyond a fond memory, but it's fun reminiscing all about your first love!

Today is Valentine's Day, and we've been inviting readers to share stories of their first loves with us. Here is Vasudha V's story!

I got to meet my first love because of my family on April 3, 2005. My family had started looking out for grooms for me and his was the first serious proposal that came our way. My parents met him and his parents and they liked each other. All this happened in Chennai and I was working in Bangalore at that time. My parents wanted me to come to Chennai to meet this guy. Though I didn't want to come and meet someone whose photo also I hadn't seen, I eventually agreed to come and meet him.

On the day we were  to meet I was extremely nervous but didn't show my emotions to anyone. I was always an introvert. Then in the afternoon he arrived with his parents to our home. After the customary exchanges of pleasantries I was called for and I just managed to sneak a glance at him. Instantly I liked him. After sometime we were allowed to talk alone and as we discussed about our families, education, work, friends etc. I could feel an instant connection with him. Once we had given a go-ahead signal our families decided to get us married.

After that we mailed each other regularly and after our engagement talked on phone daily till our marriage. But I fell in love with him in the true sense only after our wedding. I found my husband to be a caring, patient and easygoing person. I found that I could be my true self in front of him. I was finally no more an introvert, at least not with him. I just couldn't resist myself falling for him.

Now after almost 5 and half years of our marriage and with an 18-month-old kid, my husband remains my first and last love to this day. Though we do have some bitter fights but we make it up eventually and care for each other.

Share your 'First Love' stories with us! Write in to us at (subject line: 'My First Love'). You can also include a photograph and we'll publish the best entries right here on!

Illustration: Uttam Ghosh