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2 States: 'At first, she used to avoid me'

May 03, 2014 15:40 IST

2 States: 'At first, she used to avoid me'


Here is Arvind Kumar's 2 States story. Where's yours? :-)

I am from Uttar Pradesh and my wife is from Kolkata.

She is 10 months younger to me.

I met her in Nagpur in 2001 where I was pursuing my engineering and she was doing her BSc. Our hostels were close to each other.

We met through common friend.

For me it was love at first sight but it wasn't the case with her.

At first, she used to avoid me.

This went on for almost six months.

I kept on trying to win her heart by sending her cards on her birthday and Valentines Day.

Eventually she accepted my friendship and we were couple after few days.

Later, when her father was transferred to Bengaluru, she had to leave the hostel and shifted there.

I continued in Nagpur for another one year to complete my engineering but we were constantly in touch thanks to the Internet and the postal department :-)

After completing my engineering, I got a job in Chennai and after few days of joining there I was in Bengaluru to meet her!

By this time she had joined an airline.

We began meeting regularly and decided to get married.

Her father was against our marriage but her mother was supportive.

Since my father had passed away, my elder brother and sister were the decision-makers.

To our luck my brother-in-law (sister's husband) travelled to Bangalore for some official work and met my wife and her family.

During the meeting, her father expressed his reluctance about our match.

Back home my brother-in-law convinced my sister and my bhabhi convinced my brother.

But it took two long years to convince her father before he finally gave us his blessings.

We got married in May 2008 in Kolkata in accordance to Bengali traditions.

We have been happily married now for six years and we have a three-year-old daughter Ishika.

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Are you a north Indian who's married a south Indian or vice versa?

How did you two meet?

How did your families react?

Was there enough drama for a Bollywood movie or a bestselling book? :-)

Tell us!

Email us the stories of your inter-cultural marriage!

Write to (Subject line: 'My 2 States story') along with a picture of you and your spouse, and we will publish the best stories right here on!

Image: Arvind Kumar with his family

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