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Why India needs feminism

August 20, 2014 18:39 IST

Why India needs feminism

Divya Nair

Hyderabad-based jewellery designer Suhani Pittie is an entrepreneur, wife and an inspiring role model.

She has been named among the 35 most powerful women of India under-35 by Femina magazine.

Pittie tells's Divya Nair why India needs feminism.

A married woman will find her mother-in-law annoying, an entrepreneur or artist would face criticism from another woman entrepreneur.

A female friend will judge you when you are wrong, but very few will feel proud of your success and join in your celebration.

That's the problem with us.

We never stand up for our own kind, we don't let them grow.

We make them vulnerable, guilty and come in the way of their progress.

Also, it's unfair to treat the entire male community differently just because some of them are not good to women.

Feminism doesn't mean being 'anti-men' it means being 'pro-women'.

There is a difference between the two sentiments, which people decipher wrongly.

I got married at 23, and have been married for 11 years.

My husband has been my greatest support. He is my greatest critic and source of inspiration.

We need to appreciate men who encourage women and push them to realise their dreams.

But it would also be really nice if every woman developed camaraderie and affection for the other.

That way if I have a problem in my life and I come to you asking for help, I know you'd not turn your back.

Women should not step over other women or make them feel any less important. We need to stick together to be able to solve our problems.

That's why we need feminism, so that we can protect our kind and help them grow.

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Image: Suhani Pittie
Photographs: Courtesy Suhani Pittie