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Geeta Basra: Bhajji is a friend

Last updated on: March 12, 2011 09:57 IST

Geeta Basra: Bhajji is a friend



At the Lakme Fashion Week, Geeta Basra became the first celebrity to walk the ramp at the Spring-Resort 2011 season here in Mumbai. She was the showstopper for designer duo Parvesh-Jai.

The actress who was in the news for her alleged link-up with cricketer Harbhajan Singh spoke with us about her relationship status, her personal sense of style and the casting couch in showbiz.

So tell us something about walking for the ramp and what you were wearing today?

Well, I am now beginning to get used to walking the ramp now. This is the third time I have walked at the Lakme Fashion Week ramp and it feels nice to keep getting called back. It feels even better that I was the first celebrity showstopper at the fashion week!

It was a ghagra choli with a pallu and was surprisingly light. The dresses were designed for something like a resort wedding.

The pallu that you saw had real antique gold.

Do you wear a lot of Indian clothes?

Yes! I do. I fact I am more comfortable in Indian than I am in western outfits.

What is your personal sense of style then?

Anything that is simple a pair of jeans and a top works just perfect for me. If I had things my way I'd never wear a pair of heels and stick with chappals only.

What about movies? Do you have any new movies lined up?

Yes! I have two big films in the pipeline but I am not supposed to talk about it. You will hear more about me next week.

Do you fear getting stereotyped?

I can't say I am afraid of being stereotyped but yes I am very conscious about picking the kind of films I do.

Image: Geeta Basra was the showstopper for Parvesh Jai at Lakme Fashion Week.
Photographs: Hitesh Harisinghani

'There are no short cuts to success'

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You've been linked up with Harbhajan Singh. What's up with that?

Harbhajan is a friend and that is all I want to say about it. I don't think I'd like to talk about my personal life.

Ok so do you watch a lot of cricket?

Obviously! And like everyone else I am hoping that Team India wins the cup!

Alright so let's see who do you think is the hottest cricketer?

Well I have to confess I find Imran Khan (Pakistan's 1992 World Cup winning captain) very hot. He is gorgeous, regal, athletic, well-spoken and intelligent

What do you make of the Indian media and the paparazzi?

Sometimes they're unfair and unjust. They're quick to pass judgments and write off all your past efforts. But it's all part of the job I suppose. Sometimes you need spice in your papers.

So do you hate us?

(Laughs) No I don't think I'd ever say that because media makes you who you are. I have a lot of dear friends in the media!

Tips for aspiring actresses.

Patience: Success doesn't come overnight. It took me over two and a half years to get a foothold in this industry from the time I first came to India from England.

Hard work: There really is no substitute to it. When I came to India, I didn't know a word of Hindi. I worked on it, took acting lessons and really slogged.

Believe in God: Sometimes you need faith in that power to believe that everything will be okay.

Be original: Don't try to copy someone because people will hire you for who you are and not because you can copy someone famous.

There are no short cuts to success: It's true! What else can I say?

Be disciplined: Sleep on time, wake up on time. Ensure you aren't keeping anyone else waiting. You can't take someone else's time for granted.

Erm you know we're not really a very punctual country. Does it get frustrating?

(Laughs) Yes. It does get frustrating sometimes but it's okay.

Have you been propositioned?

No! Thankfully I've never been in that situation but yes I do believe the casting couch does exist. I hope I never have to face it.

What would you suggest aspiring actresses do if they're propositioned?

Well, to be honest I believe each person has to make that choice.

Image: Geeta Basra
Photographs: Rajesh Karkera
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