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Expert tips for healthy pregnancy

Last updated on: December 24, 2013 16:23 IST

Expert tips for healthy pregnancy



In an online chat with readers, gynaecologist Dr Kiran Coelho discussed tips on diet, exercises and more for pregnant women.

Pregnancy, we all know, can be a life altering event for any woman.

Besides the physical changes the female body undergoes during and after childbirth, there are psychological effects as well.

What are the challenges and desires that rule the minds of new and expecting mothers?

What worries them the most?

What measures can one take to ensure the best care for both the child and mother?

To discuss solutions, had organised an online chat with expert gynaecologist Dr Kiran Coelho, on December 24, between 3.30 pm and 4.30 pm IST.

In the chat, Coelho shared advice on how expectant mothers can stay healthy and offered advice on what they must do to prevent pregnancy stretch marks.

Vivek Sanghvi: Dr. Kiran I am in love with 1 girl, but she is 26 now and has not been in period as well as she cannot make a physical relation too, as per all the doctors info it is from childhood and c'not have a baby, but physical relation can be maintained by doing plastic surgery, so please suggest whether should I marriage with her since i love her & provide your number for appointment.

Dr Kiran Coelho:
She seems to have a congenital malformation of absent uterus. This is the most common malformation. Yes, she will be able to have intercourse after creation of an artificial vagina after plastic surgery. So, intercourse will be possible. Also, her ovaries will be normal, so both of you can also have your own baby through a surrogate mother. So please go ahead and marry the girl you love :)

SANDEEP SINGH: Please doctor answer my question, I am very tensed my wife had a date of today but there is no sign of pain today what is the reason and result for caution... plz help me
Today was the day of delivery of baby as she has already completed nine months

Dr Kiran Coelho:
Only 10 percent of women deliver on their due date. You can safely wait up to 14 days after due date as long as your wife is under medical supervision.

vikas machchal: Is normal delivery possible after first caesarean?

Dr Kiran Coelho:
Yes. Normal delivery is C section is called VBAC i.e vaginal birth after caesarean. However, the birth should be in a hospital and carefully monitored as the scar on the uterus could rupture during labour.

Pavitra Tupurani: In this winter months how do I tackle dryness around my tummy area?

Dr Kiran Coelho:
The skin tends to get very dry during winter and especially during pregnancy when there is rapid stretching the skin dries out further. It is very important to use a good nourishing oil which will prevent dryness, itching and also stretch marks. The oil can be a blend of plant oils such as lavender, rosemary, calendula and chamomile and also Vitamin A and E

suman kumar: Hello Doctor. My wife had a miscarriage six months back during her 8th week of pregnancy. She is again pregnant and into her 6th week. All the test reports are normal. She has thyroid level of 4.4 and have been administered with Thyronorm 25 mcg. Wife sometimes complains of pain in stomach, vomit sometimes, feels tired. Are these normal or is there any issue?

Dr Kiran Coelho:
Most of these symptoms are normal for the first trimester and she will feel better after the 12th week. However, in view of the past miscarriage she should be in close contact with her obstetrician.

Smita Dey: Hi doc, how does emotional stress affect pregnancy specially in last trimester?

Dr Kiran Coelho:
Due to pregnancy hormones, most women feel emotionally disturbed, have lack of sleep and nightmares especially during the last trimester. Husbands have to be very supportive during this difficult period. This does not cause any problem to the baby. However, support from all family members goes a long way in helping the

neetasinha: What precautions should I take during the first three months of pregnancy?

Dr Kiran Coelho:
This is the period when 30 per cent of pregnancies result in miscarriage. Therefore, it is wise to rest, avoid long distances by road, high heels, eating out and this is also the time when the babys organs are forming hence no preservatives, caffeine and all medication should be strictly on doctors prescription.

arunav Barman: is it true that taking raw papaya causes abortion in pregnant woman?

Dr Kiran Coelho:
Raw papaya contains a substance called Papaverin which causes contractions on smooth muscles. Hence, may cause uterine contractions which in the first trimester may cause abortion.

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Image: During pregancy the female body undergoes both physical and psychological changes
Photographs: Courtesy


'What foods can I avoid during pregnancy?'

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prakash: hello doctor my wife is six month and her weight is much weight required in this time.

Dr Kiran Coelho: Weight gain during pregnancy should be between 7 to 11 kgs. Starting 20 weeks of pregnancy a pregnant woman should gain half kilo per week up to 37 weeks.

Pramod Tamboli: My wife is 40 years and she lost her period since last three years. Can we hava sex without any precaution

Dr Kiran Coelho: It seems that your wife has had an early menopause. However, it is advisable to do hormone tests to confirm that she is really in menopause and only then sex is safe without fear of conception.

Sasanka Seth: Hello Kiranji ,after birth of Our Baby Since Last 9 Month my wife's Period is irregular . Please suggest me to solve the problem. Regards SSeth

Dr Kiran Coelho: If your wife is breast feeding, then periods tend to be irregular, too much weight gain after pregnancy may also pre dispose to poly cystic ovaries and irregular periods. Hence, visit to a gynaec is indicated.

Roopinder bhambra: my wife is very fond of sex, she is 8 months pregnant, will it be safe and in wat position it is safe to do sex,and if semen is released inside her vagina, is there any harm?

Dr Kiran Coelho: Sex is safe during pregnancy except in the first three months and the last three weeks. Any position which is comfortable for your wife is fine. Check with your gynaec with regard to certain contraindications for sex like low lying placenta and pre term labour.

soniyaiyer: What foods should I avoid eating when i am pregnant?

Dr Kiran Coelho: Avoid sweets as every pregnant woman is in a state of semi diabetes due to the anti insulin effect of the placental hormones. Spicy foods as pregnant women are prone to acidity. Oily foods, as they cause indigestion and undue weight gain. Too much salt in food should be avoided as the sodium in salt causes water retention which may cause swelling and high blood pressure.

anita nambair: How effective are skin creams to prevent stretch marks? When should one start using them?

Dr Kiran Coelho: Stretch marks are caused by the rapid stretching of the skin during pregnancy and therefore tearing of the elastic fibres. By making the skin soft and emollient stretch marks can be prevented to a certain extent. Good oils which include calendula, rosemary, chamomile and lavender with VItamin A and E do help in minimizing stretch marks.

sonia agarwal: Hello Kiranji. I am also going to have my first baby. I want to know When will i start feeling the baby kick or move?

Dr Kiran Coelho: The baby's kicks can be appreciated by a first time mother at around 18 weeks of pregnancy. This is called "quickening" and feels like butterflies in the tummy.

Amol Dhurve: Can you please suggest some exercises for my wife which she can do during pregnancy to stay fit? She get bored sleeping and sitting all the time?

Dr Kiran Coelho: Exercises during pregnancy should start after the first trimester. Preferably from 16 weeks. Light exercises like walks, swimming and yoga are ideal. There are many Lamaze trained physiotherapists who conduct pre natal exercises. These are the best as the exercises are done under medical supervision. They include stretching and breathing exercises which will help both during pregnancy, child birth

Image: Pregnant women must avoid eating spicy and oily food
Photographs: Rediff Archives

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