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How to build strong bones

Last updated on: January 29, 2014 14:45 IST

How to build strong bones


Dr Dr Rajeev K Sharma, senior consultant orthopaedic & joint replacement surgeon answered queries on how to build strong bone in an online chat with readers on January 29.

Unedited excerpts:

Deepak: just 1/2 liter milk in morning.

Rajeev K Sharma: Milk and milk products are good for health any time.

Anil Joshi: Pls suggest a suitable meal plan and sun bathing techniques for working people who don't get ample time for leisure.

Rajeev K Sharma: If you don't have time for sun exposure, then we recommend you to check the Serum Vit D levels. If the levels are low then we must supplement it.

anita goyal: since morning hours are v busy, is it ok to expose the body in the sun at any time of the day? Also how effective it will be if the body is exposed with full clothes ?

Rajeev K Sharma: Vit D is formed in the skin exposed to the sunlight. It may not help if the body is completely covered with clothes

Hetal Patel: can Vit. D3 & Vit B12 deficiency leads to acidity, constipation problem ?

Rajeev K Sharma: Probably not.

SK Panda: After the age of 50 what precautions needed to strong the bones

Rajeev K Sharma: After the age of 50 the body starts loosing the calcium from the bone at a greater pace. To keep the bones strong and healthy we must keep on doing some exercise and physical activity. Adequate sun exposure. Healthy diet. Vit-D and Calcium supplements if required.

sharad kumar: i have pain in right knee. What should be in diet for calcium

Rajeev K Sharma: Knee pain could have a number of etiologies which can vary on a number of factors. We have to look into the cause and treat accordingly.

Inder dev: From which food (veg or non veg) i can get vitamin D

Rajeev K Sharma: Adequate Sunlight exposure to skin is the best way to get Vit D

karan savanth: Hi Sir, I have Compound fracture on my left hand. It has been 1 year now. The rod is still planted inside. Can you sugggest me on diet for inproving the condition.

Rajeev K Sharma: 1 year time is good enough time for a fracture to unite. If the fracture is united then you must take normal diet.

shilpa: hi sir,i am a lactating mother of a 18 month old.. how much would be my daily calcium requirement? should i take supplements?

Rajeev K Sharma: Your calcium requirement will be around 1500mg per day. Adequate sunlight exposure is also necessary. You may take supplements.

vijay: Weight training is ideal, but carrying shopping, gardening and housework all also count to make strong bones.

Rajeev K Sharma: Adequate amount of exercises and sporting activities in addition to routiene work is good for strong bones.

sonali jain: what are the best source of proteins for vegetarians as they cant have fish, egg n other nonveg food? something which they can have everyday diet to complete their daily required amount of protein.

Rajeev K Sharma: Milk and milk products, all types of Pulses

rahul: Does excessive amounts of meat, cheese and protein make body acid, which drains the body of calcium and weakens bones.

Rajeev K Sharma: Adequte amounts of proteins and milk products will be good for bone health.

Gurshan Gurmeet: What calcium-rich foods should one consumed to gain atleast 700mg of calcium a day, and 1,200mg if diagnosed with osteoporosis.

Rajeev K Sharma: If the patient is diagnaosed with osteoporosis, then apart from routine diet we supplement the patient with Calcium and Vit-D. Also we have to see that the patient should take adequate proteins in the diet.

sudaram: One in two women and one in five men over the age of 50 in the UK will break a bone, mainly because of osteoporosis. Exactly why this happens is still not fully understood.

Rajeev K Sharma: With advancing age, the bones starts loosing calcium and bone mass. This process increases after the menopause in females. So with advancing age the bones starts becoming weak and tennds to fracture more

hardeep makkar: i have pain in my leg s what to do sir?also i am haiving joint pain

Rajeev K Sharma: For leg and joints pain we have to first look for the cause and then treat accordingly.

Photographs: Arko Datta/Reuters