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The new 'Body' of modelling and more fashion news!

Last updated on: December 9, 2011 13:14 IST

The new 'Body' of modelling and more fashion news!



Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

Which pregnant singer is trying to avoid piling on the pounds? Which star has lashed out at style critics?

Here's the lowdown on the latest fashion news!

New 'Body' Karlie Kloss poses nude for Vogue Italia

Karlie Kloss, who has now been vehemently tagged as the new 'Body' by the fashion world, has striped for the latest issue Vogue Italia, flaunting her flawless figure.

The 19-year-old is seen standing in nothing but stiletto heels and a Sombrero hat.

Till now, the moniker has been unanimously reserved for veteran model Elle Macpherson, but Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani believes Kloss is more deserving of the accolade, the Daily Mail reported.

The Chicago-born beauty, who is currently ranked at number four in the world by, last month graced the Victoria's Secret runway for the first time.

Image: Karlie Kloss
Photographs: Cover of Vogue Italia, December 2011


FHM India threatens to sue Veena Malik for Rs 250 million

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The Indian magazine that Pakistani actress Veena Malik accused of morphing her pictures for a nude photoshoot has sent her a legal reply, threatening to sue her for 250 million rupees.

In their 11 page legal reply to her notice, FHM India categorically denied that her photo had been morphed, and said that Malik was the one who had initially pursued the magazine for a shoot.

"Your client permitted our clients for her photo as well as video shoots which were carried out by our clients with the consent and authority of your client," the Express Tribune quoted FHM India as saying in their legal notice.

"Your client wanted to do a sexy, bold and in-your-face shoot and to express intent for the same she also of her in bikinis etc to show that she was in good shape for a shoot for FHM," it said.

The notice closed claiming damages worth 250 million rupees and asking the actress to apologise for fabricating false claims in a press conference.

Earlier, Malik had slapped a claim of 100 million rupees on FHM India and followed it up by filing a police report in Mumbai and a complaint with the cyber crime wing against the magazine's editor and photographer.

Image: Veena Malik

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Cheryl Cole doesn't 'give a s**t' about fashion critics

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Cheryl Cole has revealed that she would like to get her entire back tattooed but insisted that she is not brave enough to do it.

The 28-year-old popstar said that she would not dare to do it, even if she wishes to.

"I would like to, but I wouldn't dare," the Mirror quoted the singer as saying.

"But I would like to -- I like the idea of it," she added.

Image: Cheryl Cole
Photographs: Cover of Elle UK, November 2009

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Katie Price blamed for exploding breast enhancement epidemic

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There has been an increase in boob jobs over the years, and doctors are blaming it on the Jordan effect.

The number of fake breasts exploding or leaking has nearly trebled in four years, figures show. There has been a ten per cent rise in the last year alone.

This is being called the Jordan Syndrome, after Katie Price -- real name Jordan -- who has had at least three operations as she rose to a 32FF -- before having more manageable 32D implants fitted.

"There is the Jordan Syndrome, where some women want bigger and bigger breasts. The bigger they are, the more problems are likely to occur," the Sun quoted top plastic surgeon Douglas McGeorge as saying.

He also blamed cheap implants and overseas clinics that may or may not be following health standards.

"Some people have no idea who is treating them or the standards of the hospital equipment," McGeorge said.

"Some implants are prone to failure. The cheap option is not always the best," he added.

Patients have complained of wrinkled boobs, painful swelling and implants that go stiff.

Celebs to suffer include former Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona, who had burst stitches around her G-cup implants in 2005 and actress Tara Reid who was left with uneven boobs, scars and bumps.

Image: Katie Price
Photographs: Cover of Elle UK, November 2009

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Beyonce trying to avoid piling on pounds during pregnancy

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Beyonce has said that she makes sure to remain fit and healthy and not 'lose control' during pregnancy.

The pop star had announced at the 2011 VMA awards in August that she was having her first child with husband Jay-Z.

"I've been really conscious and I've been trying my best not to lose control," People Magazine quoted her as saying on the show 20/20.

"Because I've met so many people that say, 'My second baby, my third baby, I've learned my lesson.' So I haven't been going crazy," she said.

"It's important that I don't lose myself...I believe that life doesn't stop," she added.

Image: Beyonce
Photographs: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

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Olivia Munn goes topless, talks dirty for men's magazine

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Olivia Munn stripped off for a sexy photoshoot for the latest issue of the men's magazine FHM where she also talks frankly about her views on sex.

She said that nobody is an expert on sex and people who say they are, actually have no clue what they are doing.

"When it comes to sex, I think anyone's an idiot to say they're an expert on it...I mean, I have sex, but it's individual for each person,' Radar Online quoted her as telling FHM Magazine.

"You know, like, guys always have that one fing move, some stupid putting his thumb in your mouth," she said

"And it's just like, 'What are you doing? Who told you this was hot?" she added.

Image: Olivia Munn
Photographs: Cover of FHM UK, June 2010

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Lady Gaga feels beautiful when she's happy

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Lady Gaga has revealed that she feels most beautiful when she is happy.

The 25-year-old singer values her heart and brain over the rest of her body and said that she is very content with her life right now.

"My heart is my favourite bit and my brain," Contactmusic quoted the pop queen as telling Elle Magazine.

"I always think I'm most beautiful when I'm happy."

"I'm very happy right now so I feel good."

"I just have wonderful friends and I'm making great new music and the tour's starting and I have full creative control," she added.

Image: Lady Gaga
Photographs: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for U Music

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Sarah Jessica Parker dresses for her age

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Sarah Jessica Parker claims that she dresses for her age and is a 'realist' about how she looks.

The 46-year-old actress insists that she isn't worried about getting older.

"I try to dress appropriately for my age and I'm a realist about what I look like. But if those physical things were my insecurities I'd be thrilled. What wonderful problems," Contactmusic quoted her as telling Stella Magazine.

"My insecurities are more substantial than that. I worry first and foremost about my children and their health. My husband, and his. I worry about what work opportunities will come up. My own creative satisfaction. How will I pursue things and will the work be good?" she said.

The Sex and the City actress also doesn't feel the need to have Botox and hopes that the film industry will start to look down on it.

"There are women (in television and in Hollywood) who feel that Botox is necessary, but more and more I don't think it is important for the industry."

"People want to make movies that are successful, and sometimes they include women and sometimes they don't. I think it's less and less about exterior. At least I hope so," she added.

Image: Sarah Jessica Parker
Photographs: Cover of Marie Claire US, September 2011

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Madonna a fan of Duchess of Cambridge's 'elegant' style

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Madonna has revealed that she is a fan of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's style and said that she has grown even fonder of the young royal.

Even though the 29-year-old Duchess wore a frock that the pop queen wore in Cannes three years ago, the Material Girl hitmaker did not get disappointed that the dress looked so good on Kate.

"She is a lovely girl with a great sense of style," the Daily Mail quoted the singer as telling People Magazine.

"Her wedding dress by Alexander McQueen was very beautiful...I like her choices."

"She's elegant and still knows how to have some fun. I'm a fan of her style. She developed a style and stuck with it whether people were interested or not. I admire her individuality," she added.

Although she was wearing very different clothes to Kate's when she was the same age, the singer has developed a more classic style.

Image: Madonna and (right) Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
Photographs: Dave Hogan and (right), Chris Jackson, both Getty Images

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Winters makes women look up to five years older

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Beauty experts have warned that bags under the eyes are the price women pay for the dismal days of winter, making them look up to five years older.

The eyes of 5,000 women aged between 27 and 60 were studied throughout the seasons by scientists, who found winter aged women's looks by an average four years and eight months.

A lack of sunlight means paler skin, emphasising bags under the eyes and the problem is made worse by a higher level of fatigue in the winter due to a lower amount of Vitamin D, generated by the body in sunlight, and subsequently less serotonin, the body's "feel good chemical".

The results are almost as bad for men, said the study, carried out at AMA Laboratories in New York for Adonia Organics. It found 82 percent of women suffered from dark circles and puffy eyes in the winter as opposed to just 38 percent in the summer.

"More science is coming out linking the lack of Vitamin D and K as one of the causes that plagues us with dark circles and puffy eyes, especially as it relates to fatigue and immune related issues. Once you have them, it is usually difficult to reverse," the Daily Express quoted Mark Binette, anti-ageing expert as saying.

"Lacking in vitamins D and K has a considerable negative effect on the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes," he said.

Dark circles are one of the most common skin problems, and are often caused by tiny capillaries that leak blood beneath the surface of the skin. As this blood starts to oxidise, it turns an ugly dark blue colour similar to a bruise.

The thin skin under the eyes allows fluid to build up. This becomes more obvious in winter as skin becomes more transparent.

In the summer, dark circles are easier to hide as people suffer less from fatigue and most people's skin becomes lightly tanned.

Additionally, during the summer, we experience higher serotonin levels when the skin is exposed to sunlight.

Image: Winter look: Cover of Vogue Paris, November 2010

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