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PIX: 'Knockout of the Year' and more fashion news!

Last updated on: November 18, 2011 15:54 IST

PIX: 'Knockout of the Year' and more fashion news!



Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

Which supermodel is advising teens not to starve themselves while dieting? Which star thinks her look is 'timeless'?

Here's the lowdown on the latest fashion news!

Mila Kunis dubbed 'Knockout of the Year'

Mila Kunis has been named 'Knockout of the Year' in GQ Magazine's annual Men of the Year issue.

Kunis, who was recently rumoured to be dating Friends With Benefits co-star Justin Timberlake, has been having a good phase in her career lately.

She is set to make a cameo appearance in the upcoming Muppets movie, which stars Jason Segel, Amy Adams and Rashida Jones.

She is also currently the voice of Meg, the annoying Griffin family daughter in Family Guy and will act in Ted, the directorial debut of the show's creator Seth MacFarlane.

The dark-haired beauty wasn't the only one honoured by GQ.

X-Men: Origins star Michael Fassbender was dubbed a 'Breakout Star' while Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon won the 'Showmen' title.

Father-to-be Jay-Z, however, received the impressive title of 'King of the Year'.

He recently announced wife Beyonce's pregnancy at the VMAs this year.

"It was actually Bey who wanted to (announce) it. You want to be in control of your life," the Daily Mail quoted him as telling GQ Magazine.

Image: Mila Kunis
Photographs: Cover of GQ Magazine, December 2011

Sofia Vergara ignored breast reduction advice

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Sofia Vergara, who is famous for her curvaceous and voluptuous body, has revealed that her former publicist once told her to get breast reduction.

According to America's Health Magazine, the 39-year-old Modern Family star didn't heed the advice of her ex-publicist because her mother told her that God would punish her for changing her body.

"When I moved to America I was more voluptuous and I felt a little different," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

"And one time years ago, I remember my publicist at the time told me: 'I think you should just reduce your boobs because nobody's going to take you seriously here'."

"My mother almost had a heart attack."

"She was like: 'God is going to punish you! You can't cut your boobs!'" she said.

The Golden Globe Awards nominee is pleased that she kept her curves.

"I don't regret not doing it, because now it's become a big part of Gloria," she added.

Image: Sofia Vergara
Photographs: Cover of Don Juan Magazine
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Dita Von Teese thinks her look is 'timeless'

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Dita Von Teese thinks her look will 'work at any age' and discovered that she could maintain her 'classy' style as she gets older.

The 39-year-old burlesque model explained that she had an 'epiphany' at a recent shoot, and discovered she could still maintain her 'classy' style, as her hair, makeup and clothing choices have become like a 'uniform' to her.

"I was doing a photoshoot and the makeup artist had made me up to have grey hair, but I was still wearing the same clothes and had the same makeup. I was scanning me in the mirror and I just had this epiphany that I was perfect -- I looked like a classy, old lady," the Telegraph quoted her as telling

"I won't have to change my look when I get older, it'll work at any age. I'm not sure what Paris Hilton will be wearing when she gets to 70."

"My look is like a uniform to me, I know each morning what I'll be doing with my makeup and hair, how long my hemline will be. I like to evolve my look, but I don't feel compelled to update it," she added.

However, the raven-haired beauty -- who has done campaigns for the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood in the past -- admitted that she isn't naturally blessed with a trim figure and 'works hard' to look so glamorous.

"I work hard to maintain a glamorous look, and to tell women that they can achieve it too. We all want to have plump, juicy and luscious figures -- I just try hard to stay fit," she added.

Image: Dita Von Teese
Photographs: Cover of Inked Magazine, April 2009
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Adriana Lima asks teens not to starve themselves while dieting

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Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima has publicly asked teenage girls not to live off liquids when they are dieting.

In the run up to the lingerie brand's annual show, she had said that she works out twice a day and drinks only protein shakes for nine days, but now she wants to retract that statement.

"Those teenagers out there don't go starving yourself or only drinking liquids. Don't do that please," Contactmusic quoted her as telling ET Canada.

Earlier she had told the Daily Telegraph that by not taking solids, one could lose up to eight pounds, a statement she now clarifies.

"I have my Starbucks coffee right was a misunderstanding. I know it's very intense but...I just have an athlete's mind and I appreciate doing this thing," the Victoria's Secret model said.

"It's not that I do crazy diets throughout the year. I just do it for this particular thing. After this show, I become normal again," she added.

Image: Adriana Lima
Photographs: Victoria's Secret Catalogue
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Miranda Kerr treats herself occasionally

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Joining in Adriana's diet advice is her fellow Angel Miranda Kerr, who has revealed that she never denies herself anything, although she tries to eat healthily the majority of the time.

The 28-year-old Victoria's Secret model says that she "eats super-healthily" as she knows how important it is for her body, but also allows herself the occasional treat.

"My grandparents had a vegetable patch and taught me a lot about growing food and eating organically. I eat super-healthily, lots of vegetables and fish, but that's not just because I'm a model," Contactmusic quoted her as telling Hello! Magazine.

"It's to give my body the fuel it needs. And I don't deny myself anything. Life is about balance, and you have to be able to have some treats now and again -- it's good for you," she added.

Along with her healthy eating habits, the sexy model says that she exercises regularly to maintain her stunning figure.

"I do a lot of yoga, pilates and strength training all year round. I also have a trainer who makes me focus on the butt area, with squats and butt-lifts with leg weights," she added.

Image: Miranda Kerr
Photographs: Victoria's Secret Catalogue
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Kelly Brook posts nude snap to authenticate her Twitter account

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Kelly Brook has delighted fans by posting a nude photo of herself on Twitter, to prove her account is authentic.

The British actress and model was recently asked by British comedian Leigh Francis if she was actually controlling her page.

"It's me! How can I prove it??" Contactmusic quoted her as replying in a tweet.

Brook uploaded a nude photograph of her on the site, with her hair styled to cover her breasts, to convince her fans that the account was really hers.

"Leaked photo!! See it's me!!!!" she wrote.

Image: Kelly Brook
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Liz Hurley looked 'frightening' when she was 18

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Elizabeth Hurley has revealed that she looked 'frightening' when she was 18.

The actress-model went through a rebellious stage in her late teens and got a nose ring and had spiky pink hair and believes that it is because of this appearance that she was safe walking the streets, even in the roughest parts of London.

"I moved to London when I was 18 and stayed in a hideous bedsit in Finsbury Park. I did not know it was a dodgy area at the time. Besides, I probably looked so frightening myself, noone came near me," Contactmusic quoted her as telling the Sun.

Hurley, who is now engaged to cricketer Shane Warne, believes that the rebellious stage has made her even more confident in later life.

"I am sure that everyone does these silly, rebellious things from time to time. It was just mine had gone on a little too long," she said.

It was probably good for me. I have not worried too much about fitting in ever since," she added.

Image: Elizabeth Hurley
Photographs: Cover of Elle Bulgaria, August 2010
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Miley Cyrus loves her new curvy figure

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Miley Cyrus has hit back at cruel criticism over her body shape and has declared that she loves herself.

The 18-year-old singer-actress has, moreover, urged her fans to be proud of their size.

Cyrus is apparently tired of gossip bloggers speculating over her weight gain, after she was spotted with a more rounded figure in recent weeks.

She posted a photo of an emaciated model and tweeted, "By calling girls like me fat, this is what you're doing to other people," Contactmusic reported.

"I love Myself 'n' if you could say the same...I don't wanna be shaped like a girl I Love being shaped like a Woman 'n' trust me ladies your man won't mind either," she added.

Cyrus then reached out to her pal Demi Lovato, who checked into rehab last year for an eating disorder among other issues.

"I will destroy any one that ever calls you the F (fat) word. You have the Sexiiiestttt curvyyyy body! I Love IT! Werk (work) those curves," she tweeted.

Image: Miley Cyrus
Photographs: Cover of Prestige Magazine (Hong Kong), September 2011
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Kim Kardashian sued by hair removal company for false advertising

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Kim Kardashian has been sued over allegations of false advertising for a hair removal product she endorses.

Beauty firm Radiant has accused the reality star of misleading consumers with claims that she has been making as the celebrity spokesperson for home laser hair removal system TRIA.

According to, the company's bosses have taken exception to the socialite's claims that she uses the gadget all over her body, as TRIA allegedly states it is unsafe for sensitive areas such as the face and neck, the Daily Express reported.

In Radiant's lawsuit, Kardashian also comes under fire for allegedly boasting that the product cancels the need for razors or shaving cream, despite its instructions noting that it should be used in conjunction with shaving.

Image: Kim Kardashian
Photographs: Cover of Zoo Magazine, August 2011
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Kate Winslet loves wearing clothes that flatter her curvy figure

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Kate Winslet, who "enjoys" having a curvy figure, has revealed that she makes sure she wears clothes that flatter her hourglass shape.

According to InStyle Magazine, the 36-year-old Titanic actress also said that she is very confident about her body after learning over the years what clothes suit her shape.

"I'm lucky to go in and out at the right places, proportionately that's something I inherited from my mother," Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

"I enjoy my shape and my curves. At the same time, you have to know how to dress. If you are hippy, then pleats off the waist? Forget it! You absolutely cannot wear them. It's about knowing how to work with the right fabric," she added.

Image: Kate Winslet
Photographs: Cover of Marie Claire France, November 2011
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Olsen twins beat Middletons for best-dressed sisters title

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The Olsen sisters are on the cover of Vogue's best-dressed supplement for this issue.

The magazine is looking at stylish sisters this time, with sisters from the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa, to celebrity singers Beyonce and Solange Knowles.

"It's been a year of sisters, most famously with Catherine and Pippa Middleton," the Daily Mail quoted Mark Holgate, Vogue Fashion News Director and Editor of the best-dressed issue, as saying.

The four Courtin-Clarins sisters came in second, followed by Dakota and Elle Fanning, the Duchess of Cambridge and Pippa Middleton and Ruby and Lily Aldridge.

The Olsen sisters were famous US TV child stars and now have their own high-end designer labels The Row and Elizabeth and James.

"They get it right a lot of the time and then sometimes they don't get it right. That's actually great because it shows that it's their hands reaching into their wardrobes," Holage said.

"Look at what they've done with (their fashion labels) The Row and Elizabeth and James," he said.

"They are legitimate fashion forces," he added.

Image: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
Photographs: Cover of Vogue Best-Dressed Special Edition
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High heels motivated Mariah Carey to shed post-baby weight

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Mariah Carey has revealed that it was her high heels that motivated her to lose the extra kilos she had gained during her pregnancy.

The We Belong Together hitmaker admitted that she was determined to shed her pregnancy weight after realising that her bloated feet could no longer fit into her favourite shoes.

"I felt pressure from myself...I did fear that I wouldn't be able to get back into my shoes. I was like, 'I have walls full of shoes'," Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

Carey gave birth to twins in April this year and has already shed a whopping 31.75 kilograms.

The 41-year-old pop star, however, insists that she's got a long way to go in restoring her body to its former glory days.

"Honestly, it's so like, 'Do I fit into my shorts from the Fantasy video? Okay, I'm good.' And I have those things (still). Honestly, it's like, 'Do I fit into my Heartbreaker jeans?' (My body in the) Touch My Body (video) is a goal," she added.

Image: Mariah Carey
Photographs: Cover of Us Weekly, November 2011
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It's official! Cheryl Cole really does have the 'perfect' smile

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Scientists have undertaken a new study to find the reason why some smiles are like grimaces, and why some, like Cheryl Cole's, are so brilliant that they can turn people into stars.

The 28-year-old singer's smile is said to fit into the "formula" for a perfect smile, which comprises of a mix of colour, tooth shape and, most importantly, sincerity.

David Holmes from the Manchester Metropolitan University found that different muscles are used, particularly around the eyes, in sincere smiles, and these help to create a smile people find attractive.

His team devised a formula for the "perfect" smile, combining confidence, face shape, lip and tooth health, for a dazzling effect that can win people over and even help with career success.

"Cheryl Cole is a great example of the perfect smile. It's no coincidence that she has been such a success and become the nation's sweetheart," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

"Her smile helps her come over as genuine, attractive, and engaging," he said.

According to Holmes, if the teeth and lips are in good condition, with a fleshy "cupid's bow", people respond even more strongly.

"A major factor is how well you can produce a full 'arch-bow' smile."

"A wide, deep crescent revealing teeth but not gums, and reaching up to the eyes," he said.

The researchers said that Cole's perfect "arch bow" smile, a wide, deep crescent revealing teeth but not gums, has helped propel her to her status as the nation's sweetheart.

Image: Cheryl Cole
Photographs: Cover of Joy Magazine (Bulgaria), December 2010
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Sienna Miller auctioning own clothes for charity

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Sienna Miller has selected a variety of dresses, jackets, jeans, boots, handbags, heels and hats from her own closet to be put up for auction for charity via eBay on November 17.

The 29-year-old actress is now giving fans a chance to wear the very clothes she herself had donned everywhere, from London's High Street to the red carpets of Hollywood.

All proceeds from the sale will benefit International Medical Corps, which seeks to provide emergency relief and health care services to tens of millions of people in over 65 countries.

Miller has been a long-time spokesperson and Global Ambassador for the humanitarian relief organisation.

"Sienna has visited field programmes in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti and most recently, Ethiopia to raise awareness of the ongoing famine," Fox News quoted an insider as saying.

"She does a lot of work and does so without the need for it to be broadcast to the world or to inflate her own ego. It is actually something she genuinely cares about," the source added.

Image: Sienna Miller
Photographs: Cover of British GQ, September 2009
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Diane Kruger was astonished at Calvin Klein offer

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Diane Kruger has revealed that she had initially thought that Calvin Klein bosses were "kidding" when they asked her to be the face of their 'Beauty' fragrance.

The Troy beauty further revealed that she thought that the public would adopt a, "Who does she think she is?" attitude if she fronted the brand.

"It's very cool to be the face of a perfume, that's a very flattering thing. When Calvin Klein asked me to be the face of a perfume called 'Beauty' I was like, 'Who are you kidding?' when they told me the name," Contactmusic quoted her as telling newspaper The Independent.

"I was thinking people are going to say, 'Who does she think she is from Helen of Troy to 'Beauty'?' Then with all the work I've done for cosmetics companies too, it becomes very global," she added.

Image: Diane Kruger
Photographs: Calvin Klein ad campaign
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Source: ANI