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Kate Middleton's see-through dress and more fashion news!

Last updated on: February 25, 2011 19:12 IST

Kate Middleton's see-through dress and more fashion news!



Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

Which Hollywood A-lister was told she was 'too fat' for the glamour industry? Which male model wants to feature alongside sexy women in Playboy Magazine?

Here's the lowdown on the latest fashion news!

Vivienne Westwood thinks Kate Middleton needs to 'catch up with style'-- but to-be royal's 2002 see-through dress expected to fetch 10,000 pounds in auction!

Queen of fashion Dame Vivienne Westwood has said that royal bride-to-be Kate Middleton does not have the style credentials to wear her clothes.

Speculation on just who will design Middleton's wedding dress has been rife during London Fashion Week.

But Vivienne Westwood has categorically denied it will be her.

"I would have loved to have dressed Kate Middleton, but I have to wait until she kind of catches up a bit somewhere with style," the Telegraph quoted her as saying during a sashion show at the Royal Courts of Justice.

"Sorry. I'm not going to say any more, that's it."

"When people ask me where she's going to get the dress from -- she's definitely not going to get it from me, or I would have heard," Westwood said.

But the designer paid homage to the Royal Family with her Red Label Autumn/Winter 2011/12 collection at London Fashion Week.

Westwood said the theme was based on "the idea of the Royal Family, but somehow, all seen in this very Alice in Wonderland way".

She also praised the Prince of Wales for his support of sustainability as she made an impassioned case for the use of wool.

While Westwood may not think much of Kate's style, the rest of the world seems to think otherwise. The see-through dress that she wore as part of a university fashion show in 2002 is set to go under the hammer next month and the Daily Mail reported that it is expected to fetch a staggering 10,000 pounds.

Her catwalk debut reportedly marked the first time her husband-to-be Prince William first saw the attractive brunette, reports Contactmusic.

Middleton wore the Charlotte Todd knitted slip at a St Andrews University charity fashion show.

Todd, who now works in an aquarium, has kept the outfit ever since it was returned to her.

The dress will be sold at a Kerry Taylor Auctions sale in March (2011).

"It's definitely a showstopping dress. I'd like to think I played my part in history and in fashion history," Todd said.

Image: Kate Middleton catwalking in the dress back in 2002 and (right) displayed on a mannequin before it goes up for auction
Photographs: On right: Ho New/Reuters

Beyonce goes from pale to black for African mag shoot

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Last week she was in the spotlight for sporting a noticeably lighter skin tone. And this week Beyonce was photographed wearing black face makeup for an African-inspired magazine shoot.

Beyonce, 29, took inspiration from African culture and wore head wraps as well as tribal-style clothing and accessories for the shoot for French fashion magazine L'Officiel Paris' 90th-anniversary issue.

L'Officiel has said in a statement that Beyonce was "paying homage to African queens" and as a "return to her African roots, as you can see in the picture, on which her face was voluntarily darkened".

"As for the artistic makeup, the inspiration came from several African rituals during which paint is used on the face," the Daily Mail quoted the magazine as saying.

"We find the images beautiful and inspiring. The designs are all reflective of the African influence on fashion this season."

"Miss Knowles poses with royal allure. A queen, a goddess, Beyonce is a bombshell beauty with a divine voice," it added.

Image: Beyonce Knowles
Photographs: Cover of L'Officiel Paris, March 2011
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Kate Winslet was rejected many times as a teen for being too fat

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Kate Winslet has confessed that she was regularly sidelined for stage roles as a teenager because she was considered "too fat" or her feet "were the wrong size".

The actress made the honest confession to wannabes on a secret visit to the children's theatre company, which nurtured her acting talents.

Winslet recalled how she overcame her physical shortcomings at Starmaker, a Reading, Berkshire-based acting school, reports the Telegraph.

She told aspiring young thespians hanging on her every syllable never to give up on their dream, reminding them "anything was possible".

While she was a hopeful at Starmaker, Winslet was chosen for three principal roles, but when she was not in the limelight she was always a boisterous member of the chorus, and took part in 20 productions.

And while she was naturally disappointed at not always being chosen for plum parts, Winslet thrived on the unique camaraderie and love of the arts fostered at Starmaker, which celebrates its 23rd birthday next week.

Image: Kate Winslet
Photographs: Cover of Madame Figaro Magazine, December 2010
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Kelly Brook dresses as an angel to promote new deodorant

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Another bombshell famous for her curves, actress Kelly Brook has been photographed dressed as an angel to promote a new deodorant.

Brook, 31, stars in online game Fallen Angel, in which players try to solve puzzles to make the winged beauty drop from the skies.

It is part of a campaign for new Lynx range Excite.

"I can't wait to see who can tempt me from heaven," the Sun quoted the actress, who fronted ads for the brand in a one million pound deal in 2007, as saying.

Image: Kelly Brook
Photographs: Lynx Excite ad campaign
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Aussie boy Andrej Pejic wants to be a Playboy model!

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Apparently, pin-ups like Kelly Brook now have competition from the opposite sex! Melbourne boy-turned women's fashion model Andrej Pejic is apparently desperate to feature in Playboy.

Pejic, who grew up in Broadmeadows, has become flavour of the month in the cutting edge world of women's couture, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The 19-year-old is one of the first male models to regularly wear women's fashion on the catwalk, working with designers as high-profile as Jean Paul Gaultier.

With his pretty pout, the teenager looks uncannily female and is often the envy of women.

And now he has reportedly revealed his dreams of modeling for Terry Richardson, a photographer at raunchy US magazine Playboy.

Pejic amazed the crowd at Couture Week in Paris last month sporting a wedding dress for Gaultier and looking every inch the blushing bride.

The performance was so impressive that singer Rihanna went out and bought the same dress to wear to the Grammy Awards.

Image: Andrej Pejic for Jean Paul Gaultier
Photographs: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
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Madonna wears daughter Lourdes' clothes without asking

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Here's a switch! We thought only young girls like to borrow from their glam moms' wardrobes. The Material Girl and her 14-year-old daughter run a fashion line for teens and their styles are so similar, they often borrow each other's garments.

However, the teen designer gets fed up when some of her clothes go missing -- only to find out her superstar mum has been raiding her closet.

"(Madonna) does actually (borrow my clothes)...(and) I go into her closet. I'm not supposed to take things without asking, but she's always taking things without asking," the Daily Star quoted Lourdes as telling Access Hollywood.

"I mean, she gets mad at me when I take things without asking her, but... she has such amazing like clothes, so it's like kind of annoying sometimes... She wears my shoes a lot and she wears my accessories," she added.

Image: Madonna with daughter Lourdes
Photographs: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images
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Kelly Osbourne unveiled as the new face of fashion line Material Girl

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In more Madonna-related news, Kelly Osbourne has been unveiled as the new face of her and Lourdes' fashion line Material Girl.

While the 26-year-old reality star/ actress didn't seem to be wearing much in the way of material, she looked cute and edgy in a pair of black high-waisted shorts, a cropped denim shirt and a Madonna favourite -- a funky bra.

The ads were shot in Manhattan's East Village neighborhood, reports the Daily Mail.

With her many tattoos on show, the blonde starlet showed off the style that had the mom and daughter designers gushing when they announced she was set to front their new campaign.

Osbourne hurriedly took over from Gossip Girl wildchild Taylor Momsen, 17, who proved slightly too edgy after she described the range as similar in style to that of a "high-class hooker".

"Kelly represents a true Material Girl. She is edgy, cool and has a unique sense of style that Lola and I love," Madge has said.

"I take so much of my style from Madonna in the '80s," Osbourne told People Magazine.

She also pointed out her favourite accessories.

"The shoes -- there's a pair of nude heels that I'm really obsessed with. There's so much stuff in it that's so me and what I wear. There's a leopard dress that I get to wear next that I'm excited about. I love prints," she said.

Image: Kelly Osbourne
Photographs: Material Girl ad campaign
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Taylor Momsen keen to design own fashion line

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While Kelly may have ousted her from fronting the Material Girl campaign, Taylor doesn't seen to be done with fashion yet. She has revealed that she would love to try her hand at designing, but her busy schedule is holding her back from taking up any other project.

"I've always wanted to have a line at some point, but when I do that I really want to have the time to be able to commit to it properly. Right now I'm so busy, but sometime in the future I would love to have a line, absolutely," Contactmusic quoted the singer-and-actress as saying.

"I'll be very involved in the design and all of it, I want to spend all my time making it the best it can possibly be. I don't want to just put my name on it and have other people do all the work," she added.

Taylor loves fashion, particularly from the '60s, but insisted she would never try to copy anyone else's look as she likes to be unique.

"I try to be original and have my own style, there's a certain way I love to dress. I've always dressed differently to all the other kids but that's the great thing about fashion, it doesn't have to be for everyone," the The Pretty Reckless frontwoman told BANG Showbiz.

"It's personal and however you look is a reflection of you. I draw inspiration from different eras -- I love the '60s and I love Edie Sedgewick but I wouldn't say I dress exactly like that. I just try to make everything my own," she added.

Image: Taylor Momsen
Photographs: Cover of Revolver Magazine, October 2010
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Kylie wears hotpants six years after vowing to ditch skimpy shorts

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If you get to her age and can still carry off what she wear, hats off! Pop diva Kylie Minogue has put on hotpants for her return to live touring -- six years after vowing she would never again wear skimpy shorts.

The 42-year-old Aussie singer danced in a denim version of the gold pair that made her bottom a sensation back in 2000, reports the Sun.

The popstar was still as toned as when she chose the look for her Spinning Around video in Hernig, Denmark, on Saturday night.

Her rear became so famous she cashed in with a swimsuit range before announcing in 2005 that her hotpants days were over.

"I feel different. I'm at a time in my life that I wouldn't do it again," she said at that time.

The tiny cut-offs were among a huge array of costumes at the opening night of her spectacular Aphrodite Les Folies world tour.

"I was really nervous before the show. But I'm so pleased with how it went," the pop princess said afterwards.

Image: Kylie Minogue
Photographs: Still from Spinning Around
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Jessica Simpson enlists celeb trainer to get her in shape for wedding day

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Speaking of maintaining your hotness quotient, Jessica Simpson has hired celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson to help her get in shape for her big day.

Anderson, fitness guru to Madonna and Jennifer Aniston, told that she has Simpson doing 75-minute, four-day-a-week workouts, including dance aerobics and strength training.

"She wants to look healthy," Anderson said.

Simpson, who's getting married to former NFLer Eric Johnson, has admitted that having her fluctuating weight under the tabloid microscope has been hurtful, reports the New York Daily News.

According to Anderson, Simpson "is in the mindset that this is a big, forever lifestyle shift."

Image: Jessica Simpson back in 2004 and (right) now
Photographs: Cover of Ralph Magazine, May 2004 and (right) Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images
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Kate Moss to design her own wedding dress

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In more nuptial natterings, it appears that Kate Moss will design her own wedding dress, according to fashion mogul Vivienne Westwood.

After boyfriend Jamie Hince proposed last month, the supermodel is busy planning her wedding but she prefers to design her own wedding dress rather than approaching a professional designer.

"I think she's designing it herself. She has done her own fashion range and she knows about clothes. She knows what she is doing, she doesn't need my help," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Westwood as saying.

"Kate is a mate. I've known her for years and I'm really happy for her."

Image: Kate Moss
Photographs: Cover of Vogue UK, December 2008
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Sofia Vergara digitally slimmed for new 'skinny' Pepsi ad?

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It appears curvy actress Sofia Vergara has been digitally slimmed in a new Pepsi ad for a diet soda in a "skinny" can.

In the ad, Vergara, 38, appears unrecognisable and it looks like her famous assets have been altered.

"Vergara's positioned so you can't see most of her face and body, and her arm is whittled by an oddly placed shadow," Fox News quoted Jezebel's Margaret Hartmann as writing.

The women's fashion and news website has long been a critic of advertisers, magazine publishers and video producers for digitally slimming down female celebrities.

Pepsi also faced criticism from AdRANTs, an advertising industry blog, for their questionable marketing direction.

"Why did Pepsi feel necessary to basically eliminate any hint of Vergara's true body shape from the ad?" AdRANTs' Steve Hall asked.

"Oh wait. Because women with big boobs are stupid and God forbid Pepsi lead us to believe stupid people drink their products," he stated.

Even the National Eating Disorders Association criticised the ad, calling Pepsi "thoughtless and irresponsible".

But Pepsi CMO Jill Beraud has defended their new product.

"Our slim, attractive new can is the perfect complement to today's most stylish looks, and we're excited to throw its coming-out party during the biggest celebration of innovative design in the world," he stated.

One wonders how the curvy actress herself has taken this news, since she revealed that she was once told she needed to lose weight to make it big.

"Somebody told me, 'You have to lose weight. You will look better in the pictures. You see all the actresses and how they look'," the New York Daily News quoted the Columbian beauty as telling CBS show The Talk.

But Vergara refused to change her curvaceous shape.

"I told her, 'They might look better in pictures, but I look better naked'," she said.

The Modern Family star admitted that she used to have trouble finding outfits to wear to events because the size zero dresses sent by designers didn't fit her hourglass figure.

"No matter what I did, they would only come up to (my waist). It was a nightmare," Vergara recalled.

The 38-year-old further explained that Columbian women are held to different standards than American women.

"We're not expected to be as thin or skinny. And we're a little less conscious about our bodies," said Vergara.

"We're more in touch with our sexuality. That's why every guy wants a hot Latin girl. They know," she added.

Image: Sofia Vergara and (right) her new ad for Pepsi
Photographs: Alberto E Rodriguez/Getty Images and (right) Pepsi ad campaign
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13. Justin Bieber blasts Lady Gaga's style as 'gross'

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If it's another day ending in 'y', it's time for more news on Lady Gaga's wardrobe! The latest is that teen sensation Justin Bieber has slammed her weird fashion sense as "gross".

The 16-year-old pop hunk said the chart babe's weirdo wardrobe was totally lost on him.

He criticised her Grammy Awards egg outfit, which was supposed to symbolise rebirth as "incomprehensible".

"People say it's artistic and stuff, and I'm like, 'You're an egg. I don't get it,'" The Daily Star quoted him as saying.

Bieber said he also hated Gaga's meat dress, which wowed last year's VMA Awards, adding that he was not impressed when she leaned in for a cuddle while covered in raw beef.

"She went for a hug and I was like: 'Oh, let's hold up on that. You have meat on you!' Gross," the Baby singer said.

The US star panned the style of Gaga at this week's BRIT Awards, where he scooped International Breakthrough Act.

But while Bieber may be put off by her eccentric fashion sense, Gaga herself has revealed that she dresses up for her fans.

The Born this Way singer thinks her fans would feel let down if she had a lazy day in comfortable clothing.

The singer also insisted that she never gets the urge to shun her outlandish outfits for something more sedate and comfortable.

"I want to give my fans everything they deserve and they do not deserve sweat pants and sneakers," Contactmusic quoted her as telling Britain's Hello! magazine.

"They deserve the real me all the time, and this is who I am."

The Bad Romance star insists her wacky outfits are a huge part of her life, not just an image she is trying to project to the world.

"They're my lifestyle, it's not dressing up, a costume, a show, or a character. It's my whole life."

"I've been dressing like this for more than six years."

"While I was living in New York, I fell in love with expressing myself through clothing."

"I wanted to make a name for myself as a musician and stand out," she added.

Image: Justin Bieber and (right) Lady Gaga
Photographs: Francois Durand/Getty Images For Paramount and (right) Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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Jennifer Aniston shows off new hairstyle

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Looks like someone else wants to take a few fashion risks too, even if they're not as extreme. Jennifer Aniston unveiled her new haircut -- a chin-length bob style -- while promoting her latest movie Just Go with It in Madrid, Spain.

The 42-year-old actress completed her new look with a black Theory tank top, Celine pants, Fred Leighton jewels and Pierre Hardy shoes.

She was joined at the event by her co-stars Adam Sandler and Brooklyn Decker.

"Jen looked great with her short style. It was a surprise to see her with a new look, because her hair was still long before she arrived in Spain," Contactmusic quoted a source saying.

The screen beauty had long locks at the German premiere of the comedy film in Berlin on Monday and made the decision to take some inches off before making her next stop on the promotional trail.

The new haircut is reminiscent of her most famous style 'The Rachel', which she sported when she first played the character of the same name in hit sitcom Friends. But Aniston has described the style -- a bouffant-type layered cut created by her pal Chris McMillan in 1994 -- as the "ugliest haircut ever".

Image: Jennifer Aniston
Photographs: Jasper Juinen/Getty Images
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Vanessa Hudgens undergoes a dark new makeover, gets first tattoo

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Another celeb who has undergone a startling makeover recently is Vanessa Hudgens, who became a household name playing angel-faced good girl Gabriella in the High School Musical movies.

The 22-year-old stepped out at New York Fashion Week looking more goth girl than teen queen, reports the Daily Mail.

And to truly ensure there are no more Disney roles in her future, Hudgens decided to get her first tattoo.

The actress got inked by famed tattoo artist Bang Bang, the man responsible for Rihanna's body art.

Earlier in the day Hudgens was spotted arriving at Milk Studios in New York wearing a floor-length velvet coat to the show, which she took off to unveil another velvet dress with cross embellishments from designer Jeremy Scott's fall 2010 collection.

She wore a pair of clunky biker boots with a split toe. The unflattering style has been seen on Sarah Jessica Parker before.

Just last week Hudgens was still holding on to her innocent Disney persona by posing for happy snaps with Disney characters at Disney World in Florida.

But it was a very different story this week, as she went from fresh-faced to dark and mysterious as she rubbed shoulders with the edgy fashion crowd.

Hudgens' sudden style transformation comes after her unexpected break-up with co-star Zac Efron in December after four years of dating.

Image: Vanessa Hudgens
Photographs: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images
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Kirsten Dunst 'loves Brit fashion'

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Kirsten Dunst has revealed that she prefers British fashion to that in the US.

The 28-year-old actress is regarded as one of the most fashion-forward people in New York but says her American peers don't have the sense of style she so admires when she visits the UK, reports Contactmusic.

Speaking at a party hosted by Mulberry after watching the fashion house's show in London on February 20, she told "I think it's all to do with heritage and where you're from. Because of that, the way Americans look and the way you guys look is totally different."

"You have this history with tailoring and those little school boy uniforms. That led to something, you know? You just don't get that in New York," she added.

Image: Kirsten Dunst
Photographs: Cover of V Magazine, Spring 2010
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Janet Jackson narrowly avoids another wardrobe malfunction

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Janet Jackson, who made headlines in 2004 for her unfortunate 'wardrobe malfunction' at the Super Bowl half time show, narrowly avoided another during a concert in Taiwan on Friday.

The singer wore a skin-tight, extremely low-cut rubber cat suit as she performed alongside an array of exotically clad dancers, reports the Daily Mail.

The futuristic shiny suit bought back memories of 2004 when the star infamously suffered a 'wardrobe malfunction'.

While singing alongside Justin Timberlake, she accidentally revealed her breast to 90 million viewers.

A spokesman for the star later explained that the incident 'was not intentional."

Image: Janet Jackson
Photographs: Cover of Vibe Magazine, August 2006
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Susan Sarandon wears bracelet made with her children's teeth!

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Susan Sarandon has been seen sporting a rather unusual bracelet, which she says has been crafted from her children's teeth.

The unique piece of jewellery also reportedly features opals, rubies and gold.

The The Lovely Bones actress crafted the personalised bracelet from the pearly whites of daughter Eva Amurri and sons Jack Robbins and Miles Robbins, reports

"A friend of mine designed it," she told the website as she twirled the bracelet around her wrist.

Image: Susan Sarandon and (inset) her bracelet
Photographs: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images
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97 percent of women have at least one 'I hate my body' moment daily

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Almost every woman has felt insecure about her body at some point in her life. But a new survey has revealed that it happens much more than one would imagine.

A staggering 97 per cent of women have at least one negative thought about their bodies every day, according to the poll of 300 women commissioned by Glamour magazine, reports the Daily Mail.

The survey found some have over 100 negative or anxious thoughts about their body shape, though on average there were 13 -- almost one for every waking hour.

Psychologist Ann Kearney-Cooke, who conducted the survey, said of the results: "That is a lot, yet I'm not totally surprised."

"It's become such an accepted norm to put yourself down that if someone says she likes her body, she's the odd woman out."

"I was in a group discussion recently and when one woman said, 'I actually feel okay about the way I look,' another woman scrunched up her face and said, 'I have never in my whole life heard anyone say that -- and I'm not sure I even believe you.'"

"That's how pervasive this negative body talk is. It's actually more acceptable to insult your body than to praise it."

"Friends getting together and tearing themselves down is such a common thing that it's hard to avoid."

Image: Reality star Heidi Montag has had a startling 10 cosmetic procedures in the same sitting
Photographs: Cover of Playboy Magazine, September 2009
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Source: ANI