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What on earth is a Text Neck Syndrome!?

July 06, 2013 13:43 IST

What on earth is a Text Neck Syndrome!?



Text Neck' is a pandemic syndrome occurring to people who are involved in excessive texting.

When such people are stuck in the uncomfortable position of looking down for a long duration with a strained spine, it can lead to tension in the neck and shoulders, inflammation in the neck muscle and joints, and even chronic headache.

This is especially prevalent among the younger generation who want to be connected to the acquaintances all the time through their cell phones. If not cared for timely, a 'text neck' can lead to permanent arthritic damage as well as increased curvature in the spine and even slip disc. 

The author is Senior Consultant, Pain Clinic, Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute

Photographs: Anindito Mukherjee/Reuters


What on earth is a Text Neck Syndrome!?

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However, there are some pain relieving tips that can help in alleviating this nagging condition. Following are some of them:

  • Posture correction: While texting for long periods, try to maintain a neutral position of your neck (wherein the ears are aligned with the shoulders). If this is not possible, you should be conscious of not placing your neck in an awkward position for long time.
  • Neck extension exercises: Perform neck extension exercises (raising the chin until a stretch is felt on the neck), neck side flexion (bringing the side of the head alternatively towards the left and the right until a stretch is felt) and neck rotation. Doing these exercises on a regular basis would help in strengthening the muscles and keeping the pain in check.
  • Taking breaks: Giving frequent breaks between messaging helps the body in getting the much needed relaxation.
  • Hot fermentation: Treat your aching neck with hot water fermentation to increase blood circulation and help the muscles to relax. Add 1 teaspoon Epsom salt in a small vessel of hot water. Soak a towel in the saline water. Squeeze out excess water and place the towel on affected area. Repeat this 5 times.
  • Rest: Stop doing what makes your neck hurt. Put a halt to your daily routine of texting. It won’t do any harm. This important pause will in fact allow the neck to start healing.

Photographs: Manav Manglani/Reuters
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