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What entrepreneurs want from the new government

Last updated on: May 18, 2014 12:07 IST

What entrepreneurs want from the new government

Jubin Mehta, Abhash Kumar and Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi,

Eleven Indian entrepreneurs share their expectations from the Modi-led NDA government.

The country has been caught in the grip of elections from the last few months and the signs of change are glaring us in the eye.

This is also probably the first time that the youth of the country we've always been boasting about is in the thick of things.

Entrepreneurship and start-ups have never been a priority for the government but with India hitting a good mass in terms of number of start-ups and a thriving ecosystem evolving, it is high time the start-ups were heard.

We asked two questions to entrepreneurs all across the country:

1. What are you expecting from the election results?

2. What do you want from the new government?

Here is what they had to say

Kulin Shah, Wishberg 

Well there is nothing much more to expect now its out in the open.

Just that with a clear majority BJP can concentrate on building the nation instead of managing egos of its alliance.

Guess what's important is NaMO as PM, should build a formidable cabinet.

Like investors, we have backed a great team and now it's all about execution.

Now from promises made on social media, let's see them being executed!

We are looking forward to some disruption in the tax structure (direct and indirect) for start-ups.

Looking at the growth of start-ups in India and the attention they are getting, there should be a separate ministry for SMEs which helps to expedite reforms.  

Zankrut Oza, Mera Bharosa

Under a clear and stable Modi government, we are expecting both personal safety and national security with good economy.  

Priyadeep Sinha, Gyan Labs 

We are expecting the formation of a stable government with total majority.

In the last couple of governments, the minority parties with small number of seats were a major problem.

They are self-centered and a major hindarance.

All I want is economic growth and a hard stand on international issues.

I also don't want the government to constantly keep blaming the previous ones in case they are unable to deliver on the promise of a better India.

Kumar Rangarajan, Founder, Little Eye Labs

My heart was hoping for the Aam Aadmi Party to become the second largest party.

I hope that the government will enable everyone to dream and believe that if they can work hard, anyone can be successful!

Rohan ChandraShekhar, BuzzValve 

I would have liked the AAP to win, although it seems that they aren't even in a position to play spoilsport and divide the votes either.

As an entrepreneur and as a businessman, I'd want the new government to reform taxation laws in the country.

Businesses end up paying a dizzying number of taxes; it's a miracle that they have anything left of the income, after tax deductions!

I also think that the individual rates of the taxes concerned need to be moderated or brought down, especially for young businesses who're less than three years in operation.

On a more civic level, I'd want the new government to be more responsive and accountable to the everyday citizen.

More ethical public-private collaborations, a keener eye towards sustainable environmental practices, and a greater desire to clean up the system (of corruption within the house and of garbage/waste outside it.)  

Shiladitya Mukhopadahyaya, Rasilant 

I'm expecting that the results reflect the total voice of the country in who they have elected.

Given the overall sentiment and exit poll numbers, the BJP should take some immediate steps to improve upon a lot of their promises to uplift our broken economy.

Even though they have a lot of negative history I am hoping they will be smarter and more open minded than they are known to be and help the country really grow.

I expect something that is near impossible -- I expect the new government to be quick with decisions.

I know it's hardly something that is likely given the average age and sentiment of the old school politicians in either ruling party. To be honest I would be the happiest if the new government ran more like a start-up -- make hard decisions and pivots and product changes, all of them towards the overall big picture goal of improving the nation, act on a lean budget but make their actions matter.

All the qualities that we applaud in a start-up should be reflected in our government as well!

This is the only way we can try to fast forward the country to growth and progress.

We need a growth hacker in the government! Maybe Modi is the guy?

Jitin Pillai, AirStream 

I am all in for a pro-development government.

My expectations are same as the rest of the country -- development across all sectors.

Being an entrepreneur I would like the new government to provide a better environment to do business, better tax systems, open up the markets to FDI, high-speed connectivity to more regions of India, instil confidence in foreign investors, you know the list goes on..

I feel that if the agenda is strictly development, then many things will automatically fall in place.

Raveesh Bhalla, Election Tracker App 

No government's perfect, so hopefully a strong opposition should help -- I hope AAP wins enough seats to provide that.

I expect honesty more than anything.

Simplifying the taxes a bit, more business friendly (to avoid situations like the Vodafone tax case), and stronger net neutrality rules.

Carriers shouldn’t be allowed to provide Whatsapp/Facebook/Google browsing for free, since it hurts any start-up that enters their fields.

Subramanyam Kasibhat, Aureole Technologies Private Limited 

Expectations from this elections: End of bad leaders ruling and ruining this country.

Expectations from this governmnent: Clean up the shit! Get us back to track!

Ash Gairola, Socialert 

I am expecting BJP to form a government without the burden of coalition adharma -- a conclusive victory.

I expect the government to focus on inclusive development and provide a favourable environment for entrepreneurs and favourable reforms for start-ups.

There should bring growth in economy with open policies focussing on more job creation and growth.

Avinash Saurabh, 

I hope the new government is able to take difficult decisions.

It must ease the process of starting up by making it easy to start and close a company, ensure that entrepreneurs have access to smart capital at early stage -- the number of early stage deals in India is way below than that in US and EU-- and give support to entrepreneurs who are solving India specific problems by removing the bureaucratic hurdles.

Dear Readers, what are your expectations from the new government?

Share your views in the messageboard below!


Image: The new generation of start-uppers are expecting a whirlwind change in the Indian ecosystem.
Photographs: Courtesy Archives