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My first job: Life was difficult in the first few months

June 23, 2014 17:33 IST

My first job: Life was difficult in the first few months


We had asked you, our readers to tell us what your first job was and what you learned from it. Here, reader Kunal Roy shares his experience.

I am an electric engineer -- at least that is what my degree says. :)

After graduation, all of my friends were getting jobs in the IT sector but I was hell bent in joining a company where my electrical engineering degree could be put to maximum use.

Finally, I joined a large construction company as a senior electrical engineer and got my first posting at an airport construction site.

Filled with enthusiasm and vigour to change the world for good using the best of my engineering skills, I landed at my posting site directly just like how my HR manager had suggested.

Sitting at the reception with my bags packed, I was waiting to meet the project manager to complete the joining formalities before moving to the company guest house.

While still waiting for him, I met another senior resource who offered me a cup of tea at the site canteen.

Within a few minutes of regular chit chat, my experienced senior started giving me lessons on life and career.

He narrated to me the bizarre life of a construction engineer -- he told me how his own little child had called him 'mamu' (uncle) when he returned home late from work.

Although, I realised it was a joke, I understand that he'd wanted to emphasise on the challenges I'd have to face while working on the 'construction' site.

After spending one hour with him I was already envious of my friends in the IT sector who I believed had lesser chances of going through such an identity crisis in their lives.

Life was difficult for me in the first few months.

Everything was new and what I was doing at the site, was less than five per cent of what I had learnt during engineering.

I was supposed to get work done by contract workers who were much older and experienced than I was.

It was really difficult for them to digest the fact that I -- who apparently knew nothing -- was going to lead them.

And the worse part was that I couldn't communicate with them at all!

They spoke Tamil while I have been born and brought up in the Hindi heartland and could not understand a thing of what they spoke.

However, things changed gradually. We managed somehow.

What I learned from my first job?

A lot, actually:

  • I learned to accommodate and have a positive attitude in the most trying times
  • It taught me to crib less and make the best out of whatever was available
  • I don't know whether I have become a better engineer or not but the difficulties of my first job made me more appreciative of smaller things in life
  • Experiencing so many bad, tiresome days taught me to enjoy the fullest of good times

Do you have an interesting first job experience to share?

Simply write in to us at (Subject line: My first job) and we'll publish the best ones right here!

Image: Reader Kunal Roy's first job was at a large construction company.
Photographs: Illustration by Uttam Ghosh/
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