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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » 'Food in Hostel 9 at IIT-B is really bad'

'Food in Hostel 9 at IIT-B is really bad'

Last updated on: September 29, 2011 16:58 IST

'Food in Hostel 9 at IIT-B is really bad'

Divya Nair

As some 600 students at IIT-B took ill thanks to a case of food poisoning, many of their classmates confess that the food in some canteens isn't very edible.

About 600 Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay students were hit by food poisoning at the institute's hostel on Monday, September 26.

Two days later Urjit Yajnik, Dean of Student Affairs, confirmed that they were doing better.

"All students are doing well," Yajnik's office replied over e-mail when we inquired about the current situation.

The youngsters reportedly consumed Chinese food served at the hostel mess, which led to the poisoning.

While unconfirmed sources from the hostel pointed out the possibility of using uncooked vegetables as one of the reasons, the Dean's office maintains that such an incident has never occurred in the past and that 'investigations are on' to find out the real cause of the incident.

Meanwhile, a student from IIT-Bombay on condition of anonymity told us, "The food is good in some hostels, especially in Hostel 5. But in Hostel 9, the food is really bad."

The complaints have been reported from hostels 12, 13 and 14.

When asked what action has been taken to prevent a similar incident in future, the authorities responded by saying, "All contractors have been advised to take extra precaution to prevent any such situations from taking place."

In a similar incident last year, close to 60 students from the Symbiosis Management Institute, Pune were hospitalised because of food poisoning.

Image: Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay