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How to get more followers online

Last updated on: June 18, 2014 16:15 IST

How to get more followers online


Zafar Rais

In the third of a four-part series to help you improve your social media communication, we bring you expert advice on what you must do to win more followers on Twitter.

Part I: How to use LinkedIn to get a job!

Part II: 5 things you're doing wrong on Facebook

With an increasing number of celebrities, CEOs and political figures taking to Twitter to share updates and interact with fans, it is hard to ignore the reach and potential of the social medium.

Since the tone of communication on Twitter is casual and witty, one needs to be extremely careful about the content you post.

In the recent past, melodramatic Twitter conversations have had serious repercussions on people's personal and professional life.

But before we tell you what to do, here's a list of things you must absolutely avoid doing when you're on Twitter:

1. Overtweet

If you are tweeting more than 20 times a day on a daily basis, you are not engaging fans in conversations, you are shouting at them. Resist your urge to tweet beyond a certain limit.

2. Poor grammar and spelling skills

You are putting your credibility at stake if you make silly errors too often. Spell-check is important.

3. Be a boaster

Boasting about yourself, the brand you work for only makes your profile boring.

You can do it once a while, but the trick is to try and be more innovative so that it's interesting to those who follow you.

4. Getting too personal

Over-indulgence and being too inquisitive about the fans and their lives questions your credibility.

You must know where to draw the line.

5. Taking too long to reply

The best of twitteratti reply to their fans and their queries and concerns as soon as possible.

The faster you reply, the greater engagement you create.

The author is CEO, MindShift Interactive, a digital media agency.

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Image: Twitter is a highly interactive social tool that can help you connect to people across continents.
Photographs: Illustration by Dominic Xavier/


How to get more followers online

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Here are some more tips to help you make the most of your Twitter profile:

1. Tweet at regular intervals and maintain engagement

The bigger your brand, the more is the necessity to follow this rule.

Remember, Twitter is about connecting with your fans on a more personal level.

2. Use a good display picture, and a short yet witty description

People go through your profile every now and then, give them a good reason to hit that ‘follow’ button.

3. Shout out to users who mention you

Nothing makes a tweeps day than being retweeted or being mentioned by the people they follow or idolise.

You make them happy and they stay with you longer.

4. Monitor keywords, hashtags

You can engage with tweeps who are need of a certain something and are talking about it on Twitter.

Keep a tab on the trending topics of the day to improve your engagement.

5. Make it an informative profile

Twitter other than engagement is a great way to communicate quick information to your followers and friends.

You can share news updates, latest discounts, offers in the market, so that people come back to you for more interesting stuff.

Image: Use hashtags and keep a tab on latest trends to keep up with your followers.
Photographs: Illustration by Dominic Xavier/
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