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'What are the 10 things to know while appearing for CAT?'

Last updated on: October 8, 2012 11:10 IST

'What are the 10 things to know while appearing for CAT?'


In an online chat with readers on October 5, 2012, ARKS Srinivas, CEO, Vista Mind and ex-director, T.I.M.E. addressed queries related to the CAT, b-schools and admissions.

The Common Admission Test (CAT) 2012 which will be conducted by the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode this year is scheduled between October 11 and November 6, 2012.

Performance in the CAT will help students qualify admission to pursue MBA in the 13 Indian Institutes of Management and 150 other leading b-schools in the country.

For those who missed the live chat, here's the unedited transcript:

ARKS Srinivas says, Dear All, As CAT is starting in exactly six days, any issues, doubts, tips that you may need, please go ahead and post!

While the CAT is beginning on the 11th, it is important to note that you use all the days that you have between now and the day of your exam. In other words, though it may be just 6 days to the start of CAT, for you it may be actually a MONTH of preparation still left. So use this opportunity!

mamu asked, dear sir, what are the top 10 things one must know while appearing for CAT?

Arkss answers, at 2012-10-05 16:14:01
Hi Keep it simple. The preparation plan is Learn Concepts Practise solving wide variety of questions Develop Speed Have a strategy for Mock CATs Analyse each Mock and learn from mistakes.
knowledgeSeeker asked, what are the key things to do in the last 2 weeks before the final exam?

Arkss answers,
There are two parts to this answer. Prep for the CAT: It is expected that you have gone through all the areas (or as many areas as possible) for the CAT exam. You would have taken MOCKS till now and assessed your abilities. Also, you should be now ready with the right strategy that has given you the max marks. In the 10/12 days before CAT, take 3 Mock CATs and just stick to the same strategy that has worked. Analyse the lacuna and fill the gaps. D Day: Just stick to your strategy. Don't go to the exam with a aim to get such an such mark or attempt some n number of questions. go there to ensure that you attempt every question that you know and leave questions that are taking time to solve. Enjoy the exam!
keki asked, what is difference between cat and nmat

Arkss answers,
CAT is conducted by the IIMs for admission into 13 IIMs and various other colleges which use CAT for their selection process NMAT is online test conducted by NMIMs for admission into NMIMs Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad campus NMAT is an online exam which can be given upto 3 times. The level of Diff is easier than CAT and speed is the issue NMAT pattern VA - 32 Qs 22 min QA - 48 Qs 60 min LA - 40 Qs 38 min
gagan asked, Is there any thing like CAT for working professional who can do short terms courses from these premier institutes.

Arkss answers,
While there are a large number of short term and evening programs available, they do not really help your career much Working Professionals with 3+ years of exp should look at 1 year FT Exec MBA programme
sha asked, how much i score in order to get 95+ percentile in CAT?

Arkss answers,
Hi As each day and slot will have a different paper, the score req to get 95%ile will be different for diff papers However overall score needs to be in the range 80-100
priyadarshan asked, what would be called a decent number of attempts in each section of the question parper in order to get a call from the IIMs?

Arkss answers,
Hi QA/DI attempts 16-22 depending upon difficulty level RC/VA/LR attempt 22+
rk asked, Mr.Srinivas, what are the best preparation books for CAT?

Arkss answers,
Hi There are some good books in Quant but no good books in RC/VA and LA. Either go for Classroom coaching or join a online training program or get only material from correspondence programme
subodh asked, last minute tips for rc?

Arkss answers,
Hi Spend not more than 3-4 min on reading passage and 2 min per question Overall attempt 2 passages in 20 min or 3 in 25 min leaving you with enough time for VA and LR
rk asked, Can you please suggest some books and how much is the reasonable time for engineering graduates?

Arkss answers,
Hi Engg students can be off various levels of ability For a student with decent Math and English skills it will require 6 months at least.
subodh asked, i always get confused by 2 options,how to eliminate that?

Arkss answers,
Hi Dont waste too much time on close options, choose any one and move on
Illustration: Dominic Xavier

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