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Cricket schedule | World Cricket Calendar

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India's tour of England, July-September 2014
June 26-28Tour match vs LeicestershireLeicester1530 IST
July 1-3Tour match vs DerbyshireDerby1530 IST
July 9-13First TestNottingham1530 IST
July 17-21Second TestLord's1530 IST
July 27-31Third TestSouthampton1530 IST
Aug 7-11Fourth TestManchester1530 IST
Aug 15-19Fifth TestOval, London1530 IST
Aug 22Tour match vs MiddlesexLord's1500 IST
Aug 25First ODIBristol1500 IST
Aug 27Second ODICardiff1500 IST
Aug 30Third ODINottingham1500 IST
Sep 2Fourth ODIBirmingham1500 IST
Sep 5Fifth ODILeeds1500 IST
Sep 7One-off T20IBirmingham1930 IST

ICC World Cup 2015
Feb 14Group A: New Zealand v Sri LankaChristchurchTBA
Feb 14Group A: Australia v England (D/N)MelbourneTBA
Feb 15Group B: South Africa v Zimbabwe (D/N)HamiltonTBA
Feb 15Group B: India vs Pakistan (D/N)AdelaideTBA
Feb 16Group B: Ireland v West IndiesNelsonTBA
Feb 17Group A: New Zealand v Qualifier 3DunedinTBA
Feb 18Group A: Bangladesh v Qualifier 2 (D/N)CanberraTBA
Feb 19Group B: Zimbabwe v Qualifier 4NelsonTBA
Feb 20Group A: New Zealand v England (D/N)WellingtonTBA
Feb 21Group B: Pakistan v West IndiesChristchurchTBA
Feb 21Group A: Australia v Bangladesh (D/N)BrisbaneTBA
Feb 22Group A: Sri Lanka v Qualifier 2DunedinTBA
Feb 22Group B: India v South Africa (D/N)MelbourneTBA
Feb 23Group A: England v Qualifier 3ChristchurchTBA
Feb 24Group B: West Indies v Zimbabwe (D/N)CanberraTBA
Feb 25Group B: Ireland v Qualifier 4 (D/N)BrisbaneTBA
Feb 26Group A: Qualifier 2 v Qualifier 3DunedinTBA
Feb 26Group A: Sri Lanka v Bangladesh (D/N)MelbourneTBA
Feb 27Group B: South Africa v West Indies (D/N)SydneyTBA
Feb 28Group A: Australia v New Zealand (D/N)AucklandTBA
Feb 28Group B: India v Qualifier 4 (D/N)PerthTBA
Mar 1Group A: England v Sri LankaWellingtonTBA
Mar 1Group B: Pakistan v Zimbabwe (D/N)BrisbaneTBA
Mar 3Group B: South Africa v Ireland (D/N)CanberraTBA
Mar 4Group B: Pakistan v Qualifier 4 (D/N)NapierTBA
Mar 4Group A: Australia v Qualifier 2 (D/N)PerthTBA
Mar 5Group A: Bangladesh v Qualifier 3NelsonTBA
Mar 6Group B: India v West Indies (D/N)PerthTBA
Mar 7Group B: South Africa v Pakistan (D/N)AucklandTBA
Mar 7Group B: Zimbabwe v Ireland (D/N)HobartTBA
Mar 8Group A: New Zealand v Qualifier 2NapierTBA
Mar 8Group A: Australia v Sri Lanka (D/N)SydneyTBA
Mar 9Group A: England v Bangladesh (D/N)AdelaideTBA
Mar 10Group B: India v Ireland (D/N)HamiltonTBA
Mar 11Group A: Sri Lanka v Qualifier 3 (D/N)HobartTBA
Mar 12Group B: South Africa v Qualifier 4 (D/N)WellingtonTBA
Mar 13Group A: New Zealand v Bangladesh (D/N)HamiltonTBA
Mar 13Group A: England v Qualifier 2 (D/N)SydneyTBA
Mar 14Group B: India v Zimbabwe (D/N)AucklandTBA
Mar 14Group A: Australia v Qualifier 3 (D/N)HobartTBA
Mar 15Group B: West Indies v Qualifier 4 (D/N)NapierTBA
Mar 15Group B: Pakistan v Ireland (D/N)AdelaideTBA
Mar 18First quarter-final (D/N)SydneyTBA
Mar 19Second quarter-final (D/N)MelbourneTBA
Mar 20Third quarter-final (D/N)AdelaideTBA
Mar 21Fourth quarter-final (D/N)WellingtonTBA
Mar 24First semi-final (D/N)Auckland TBA
Mar 26Second semi-final (D/N)SydneyTBA
Mar 29FINAL (D/N)MelbourneTBA
(TBA: To be announced)

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