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Aftab Pande

28th May 2002 - Sabina Park sojourn

Amberish K Diwanji

17th November 2000 - The fallen icon

Amit Varma

30th November 2000 - The in-form team: the selectors
14th November 2000 - Confidence booster
9th November 2000 - International flavour, domestic touch
2nd November 2000 - Winds of change

Anand Chandrashekar

5th June 2002 - Opening balance
25th January 2002 - A farce called the Challenger

Ananthanarayanan K Subramanian

25th April 2002 - A triumph of strategy

Anil Noronha

22nd March, 2002 - Nine openers, six bowlers and a wicketkeeper

Anoop Bhaskar

20th December 2001 - A cricket fan's request

Aniruddha Raje

2nd August 2000 - Who killed Indian cricket?

Arun Krishnan

14th November 2002 - Jokers in the pack
6th August 2001 - To the Lanka Tests as underdogs

Ashok Hegde

24th November 2001 - Et tu, Tendulkar?
23rd November 2001 - It's not racism; plain and simple bullying!

Ashok Karanth

24th January, 2002 - Will the real Laxman please stand up?

Avinash Varma

16th November 2000 - The Great Indian Circus

Bharath Ram

19th July 2002 - Decentralization of the 'National Grip'

Bharat Kedlaya

15th January, 2002 - The colours of life
3rd August, 2001 - Horses for courses
22nd June - A diagnosis by a quack!

Binnu Babu

10th October - Time for Sachin to stand up... and be counted

Chinmaya Pande

24th February - Hard days ahead for the Aussies

Dinesh Kadekar

10th October - Letter to the team management

Ganesh Krishnamurthy

18th July, 2002 - There's more to Sachin than figures
24th June, 2002 - Cut the hype
15th April, 2002 - Time for Kumble to stand up and be counted
8th April, 2002 - Laxmanís Waterloo?
26th March, 2002 - India wins; cricket loses
21st March, 2002 - Lend a helping hand to the Windies...
15th March, 2002 - Light at the end of Deep tunnel
18th January, 2002 - The futile search for the numero uno

Gaurav Sharma

25th July - What cricket has and baseball doesn't

Harish Chandramouli

25th September - Mental Disintegration... Indian style
20th June - Post-mortem
13th June - Attitude is the key
31st May - Evaluating India in Zimbabwe: The Wodehouse Way
1st May - The D-Gang
3rd April - A gaze into the crystal ball
28th March - A day at the circus
24th March - Smoke on the water
31st August 2000 - Hi there, Mr Lele

Harish Krishnamachar

31st October 2000 - Chappell vs Wright vs Marsh

Harsha Karanth

18th February 2002 - Gentlemen play

Jai Natarajan

2nd June - A wish list for Indian cricket
20th December, 2000 - Made in Madras
30th October, 2000 - The Lost Decade

Jaideep Varma

24th March, 2001 - Stand tall, and straight

23rd March, 2001 - Let's salute the guys...

Jaydeep Sarkar

28th December, 2001 - Of mere mortals and paranoia

Jeet Dey

18th September - A few questions... may be too many

Jonathan Dyson

13th November - India, not Lord's, is the mecca of cricket
8th November - Bowled over by the great Bedi
6th November - A Backpacker's Diary

Kartick Krishnan

31st January - Don't compare

Karthik Subramanian

28th September - Sachin vs Steve vs Andy vs ?

Krishna Kumar

11th October 2000 - Breathing cricket again
30th August 2000 - London sojourn

Michael Higgins

19th April - Figuring out our ODI bowlers

M C Aravind

19th April - On the Waugh-path

Milind Bhise

6th July - Balancing the hectic schedule

Minal Rahate

22nd October - Of attitude and aptitude
27th September - The 'Best Man'
8th September - Give them time
13th August - Stop gunning for Ganguly

Peter Roebuck

18th June - Lara vs Sachin

Prabhat Kumar

11th June - Wright moves

Prasanna Desikan

30th September - Wanted: Horses for courses

P Sreekaanth

28th November 2000 - Goodbye Robin

Ramesh Venkat

21st August 2000 - Cut from the same cloth

R Raghuraman

24th November 2001 - Of our own bias

Ranjith Jayaram

24th March - Art for heart's sake

Rajeev Soneja

14th August 2000 - Murkier by the minute

Rajeev Pai

29th November 2001 - Big names, small gains

Raju Shanbhag

12th April, 2001 - The Sachin I know
2nd April, 2001 - Play it straight

Roshan Paul

6th November - A Backpacker's Diary
30th October - Chokers or heart-patients?
17th September - Seminal moments in Indian cricket
8th March - Cricket with the 'mates'

Sachin Agarwal

30th April 2001 - Dreams do come true

Sri Baghavan

12th October 2001 - What's the catch?

Sridhar Ramesh

8th September 2000 - In defence of Kapil

Srikanth Koka

6th November 2000 - Azhar, give me back my 10 bucks!

Srikanth Nathella

23rd January, 2002 - The media's selective amnesia

Srikanth Shekhar

5th August 2000 - Adieu, Lala

Sriram Ranganathan

15th July 2002 - Open with Sehwag in Tests
3rd July 2002 - Horses for courses policy
22nd December 2001 - Mediocrity at its best
3rd December 2001 - An open letter to Malcolm Speed
24th October 2001 - The men behind the microphone...
4th October 2001 - It'll take Tendulkar to triumph
5th April 2001 - Give the dog... hang him
8th March 2001 - A socking for sledging
19th February 2001 - Of jerks, louts and a gentleman's game
29th January 2001 - Play hard with the Aussies
21st December 2000 - Sauce for the goose
29th November 2000 - Why Sodhi or Robin; why not Sodhi and Robin?
22nd November 2000 - No playing Pakistan
11th November 2000 - Sachin disappoints

Sriram Veeraragavan

8th February 2002 - Keeper, keeper on the ball

Subodh S. Chitre

29th April - 'Runs' of runs
29th November - Tendulkar's second innings inconsistency
16th July - What lies beneath... the averages

Subhajit Dey

7th August 2000 - A blurred vision

Sunil Shinde

17th July 2002 - In defence of the master

Swapna Mitter

28th June 2002 - Jammin' in Jamaica

Swarna Basu and Anand Ganesan

21st August 2002 - Is Tendulkar the only 'first innings' wonder?

V K Rajkamal

23rd July 2002 - The Perfect Tendulkar

Vijay Sarma

17th July 2001 - Something special about Sodhi

Yogesh Upadhyaya

12th July 2001 - Careless whispers

27th June 2001 - Look at the positive side