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Stylish Groom Essentials

November 17, 2014 17:58 IST

Stylish groom essentials


Nehru Jacket


Nehru Jacket

 Buy Nehru Jackets Under Rs 600 only on Rediff Shopping


Give a stylish twist to your traditional attire with a trendy Nehru jacket. Whether it is your kurta pajama look or a shirt and trousers look, wearing a Nehru jacket instantly makes you stand apart from the crowd.


Statement Accessories



 Buy Cufflinks Under Rs 1499 only on Rediff Shopping

Buy Formal Belts Under Rs 899 only on Rediff Shopping

Buy Bow-Ties & Pocket Squares Under Rs 650 only on Rediff Shopping


You are wearing the most expensive suit on your wedding reception but it can go unnoticed without a few accessories. Starting with the basics- Add a leather belt to your look and make sure it matches the colour of your suit. If you really want to look unique, you must pay attention to the detailing. You can either go for a bow tie look or wear a pair of cuff links to rock the look. 


Grooming Kit


Grooming Kit

 Buy Shaving Kits Under Rs 450 only on Rediff Shopping

Buy Trimmers Under Rs 1499 only on Rediff Shopping


Beard or no beard has always been a debatable point. While your wife packs her honeymoon outfits, lingerie, jewellery etc, you can pack your grooming essentials like a shaving kit or a trimmer. You can experiment with various beard styles on your honeymoon. Thick beard, stubble, clean shaven, take your pick!




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