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Rediff News  All News  » Wedding » 5 Gifts The Wedding Couple Will Absolutely Love

5 Gifts The Wedding Couple Will Absolutely Love

Last updated on: April 24, 2015 11:09 IST

Weddings Gifts The Wedding Couple Will Love Absolutely

Marriage is a special occasion for any couple and is made more memorable by all who are attending it. This may be your best friend's wedding, your sister, or your son who is now finally ready to get settled. However, finding an appropriate present for your loved one is not an easy task.

So instead of finding what is in fashion, focusing on the needs of a newly-wed is a great way of deciding what to give as a gift for couples on their wedding.

Here are some unique gift ideas which the wedding couple will absolutely love!

#1 Go For Useful Kitchen Appliances: In today’s day & age, there is wide range of kitchen utensils and accessories that you can gift depending on your budget. But if you are looking to gift a basic utility item, which they can use for years then “Philips Food Processor” could be an ideal gift.

Buy Philips Food Processor

Buy This Philips HR-7629 Complete Food Processor @ Rs. 5,330 Or 

Find Wide Range Of Food Processor Under Rs.2999/-

#2 Go for Cameras and Selfie Stand: Gifting a camera with selfie stand can be ideal gift for any couples during their honeymoon as they can capture special moments together which they can take for many years. A high-quality DSLR camera makes a great option but this may be expensive option or you can choose a less-expensive compact one like the Canon Powershot.

Canon Ixus Point Shoot Camera With Selfie Stick

Buy Canon Ixus Point And Shoot Camera @ Rs. 6300 And Monopod Selfie Stick @ Rs.495 


Find Her Wide Rang Of Digital Cameras Under Rs.9999/-

#3 Gift Awesome Vouchers Instead Of Cash:  As a substitute of cash you can gift them some amazing gift vouchers as they can buy gifts of their choice or something they can utilize whenever they want. If you think you want to gift something useful but not an accessory, you can go for some supermarket gift cards such as Pantaloons Gift Vouchers Or Westside Gift Vouchers.

Pantaloons Gift Vouchers


Some other interesting vouchers -

a) The Banquet-the Gourmet Box: “The Banquet” as the name suggests is a hand-picked selection of experiences in fine dining. The couple can experience lazy Sunday brunches and a chance to explore new cuisines and much more using this voucher.

The Banquet-the Gourmet Box Gift Cards

Buy The Banquet-the Gourmet Box Gift Vouchers

Find here Wide Range Of Gift Cards

b) Home Décor Vouchers: If you want them to gift something in Home-Décor category you can find vouchers of Home Stop Gift cards or Home Town Gift Voucher available in Rs. 500, 1000 and 2000 denomination.

Home Stop Gift Vouchers

Wide Range Of Home Decor Gift Vouchers

c) Spa Vouchers: You can even gift them special spa gift vouchers for de-stress, or go for detoxification therapies. Spa gift vouchers such as Four Fountains Spa Gift Voucher available in a denomination of Rs.500 would be an ideal gift for any couple.

The Four Fountains Spa Gift Vouchers

Buy Four Fountains Gift Vouchers Rs.500

#4 Special Coffee Mugs for Two: If you are looking for an inexpensive but thoughtful gift, you can gift them these couple coffee mugs.

Coffee Mugs For Couples


Buy Special Coffee Mugs Under Rs.399


Find Wide Variety Of Coffee Mugs

#5 Lamps for Honeymooners: Lights play a very important role for any honeymooner. So Instead of normal lamps you can choose to gift them some beautiful set of such romantic lamps for the special night.

Lamps For Honeymooners

Buy Red and Green Table Lamp And  Buy Shady Ideas Table lamps Collection 


Table Lamps Under Rs.1499



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