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What are the Real Reasons To Stop Using Plastic Bags

Last updated on: April 02, 2015 12:16 IST

#1 Plastic bags are a threat to the environment as a single plastic bag takes 1000 hours to decay completely as they are made of petrochemicals (non renewable) which means that the plastic bags will stay for a longer period of time and damage our Mother nature.

Plastic bags


According to the Marrickville Council of Australia, around 1,00,000 marine animals lose their lives every year by accidentally consuming plastic. 

#3 As plastic bags are not bio-degradable, the only way to get rid of them is by burning them up. It leads to emission of toxic fumes which increases pollution and causes deadly diseases like cancer.

Did you know? Approximately, 1 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide. Out of total plastic on our planet earth, 8 million metric tonnes of plastic is thrown in to the oceans every year. (Source – The numbers are quite worrisome as we all know that using plastic is extremely harmful.

 #5 Do you remember the cause of floods in Mumbai during 26th July 2005? Plastic bags! The plastic bags had clogged all the major drainage points which caused the deadly floods.

One of the solutions:

Bag Forever

United Three Endeavours Pvt. Ltd have introduced an eco-friendly concept ‘BagForever’ – It is a re-usable bag made of eco-friendly Parachute fabric. The main objective behind this concept is to stop the usage of plastic bags. 


Bag Forever

Buy Shopping Bags (Pack of 6) @ Rs 594




Where can I use it?

Whether you are going to a supermarket for grocery shopping or to a shopping mall for buying clothes, accessories etc, BagForever is the right choice for you. You can also carry this trendy tote bag to college and casual occasions. 

What are the type of bags available?

a. Grocery Bags

Grocery Shopping Bags

Buy Shopping Bag Combo @ Rs 594           Buy Printed Tote Bag @ Rs 199


b. Casual Tote Bags

Casual Tote Bags

Buy Classic Tote @ Rs 399          Buy Eloise Love Arch Tote @ Rs 499


c. Holiday Bags

Holiday Bag

Buy Yellow Holiday Bag @ Rs 399


d. Wristlets


Buy Wristlet Combo @ Rs 298         Buy Blue Wristlet @ Rs 399


e. Kids' Bags

Kids Bags

Buy Disney Victor Classic Bag @ Rs 399           Buy Disney Dark Pink Bag @ Rs 499


f. Shoe Pouches

Shoe Bag

Buy Shoe Pack Combo of 3 @ Rs 199


How much can it hold?

It is equivalent to those 4 large sized plastic bags which you get at supermarkets. It has a holding capacity of 25 kgs.


Bag Forever

Collection of Tote Bags Under Rs 699


How will it help?

This is a re-usable bag and can replace atleast 400 plastic bags used by a household per year.



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