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Top 8 Monsoon Fitness Tips For Indoor Workout

Last updated on: August 04, 2015 14:42 IST

While most people are excited about the rainy season, it is quite depressing for those who go to the gym regularly. The gloomy weather makes you all the more lazy to hit the gym. You can’t even go for jogging every morning as the season is unpredictable. The best thing to do is to turn your home to a gym. Here are the 6 ways to make the most of working out at home –

#1 Continue toning your abs with a Tummy Trimmer or Ab Rocket Bench

Tummy Trimmer

Buy Tummy Trimmer @ Rs 248

Are you staying away from your favourite food just because you can’t go to the gym during monsoon? Simply use these abs slimming equipments and flatten your tummy in a few days. Besides cutting down the flab on your abs, it also firms your chest and arms. The tummy trimmer is portable and can also be carried along.

Ab Rocket Twister Bench

Buy Abs Rocket Twister Bench @ Rs 2839

If you are quite serious about strengthening your abs, this Abs Rocket Twister Bench is an ideal pick as it targets the complete abdominal region. Strengthen your upper abs, middle abs, lower abs and side oblique with the Abs Rocket Twister Bench.

#2 Missing a nice steam or sauna post your workout in the gym? Now do it indoors with Sauna Belt

Sauna Belt

Buy Vibrating Magnetic Sauna Belt @ Rs 383

This slimming equipment not just uses heating technique to melt your fat but also has an integrated vibrator and magnets which burn the micro-fat cells from and give you a good shape.

#3 Are you gaining weight by skipping workouts due to heavy rains? Try Magnetic Toe Rings for Weight Loss

Magnetic Toe Ring

Buy Magnetic Toe Ring @ Rs 499

Magnet therapy is responsible for bringing about cellular modifications within the body which turns carbohydrates and fats to useful source of energy. It improves the metabolism of your body which helps you lose weight faster. Along with boosting the metabolism, magnet therapy also improves blood circulation which promotes weight loss.

#4 For all body building enthusiasts – A compact but complete home gym

Pro Toner

Buy Pro Toner Home Gym Equipment @ Rs 1429

Losing the bulge from your muscles? This Pro Toner Kit contains all the essentials like a rod, disc type weight, dumb-bells, gloves and so on which you need to build your biceps, triceps, pectoral muscles, wings etc. Why splurge on expensive gym memberships when you can turn your home to a gym?

#5 Feeling too lazy to do any of the above? Massage yourself and lose weight

Full Body Slimming Massager

Buy Full Body Slimming Massager @ Rs 498

What if you were told that you could lose weight with a relaxing massage? Yes, this full body slimming massager contributes to reduce the cellulite in your body which tones your body and makes you look attractive. It can be used on hips, arms, thighs, buttocks and so on. It also restores your skin’s firmness and smoothness.

#6 Begin your day with a slimming tea

Green Tea

Buy Instant Nutrus Slimming Tea with Garcinia and Probiotics @ Rs 599

Along with a high-intensive workout, small lifestyle changes can bring out a big difference in your weight and appearance. Switch to green tea instead of regular tea as the first step. This slimming tea has multiple benefits-

  • Contains anti-aging properties
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces the chances of diabetes and cancer
  • Garcinia content in the tea controls appetite
  • Reduces fat absorption
  • Boosts metabolism and energy levels
  • Regulates your bowels movement

All these conditions make it favourable for your body to lose weight.

#7 Natural medicines at work - Garcinia Cambogia Capsules

Garcinia Cambogia Capsules

Buy Garcinia Cambogia Capsules (Pack of 2) @ Rs 648

Garcinia cambogia is a plant with fruits. The skin of this fruit has a natural substance called Hydroxycitric Acid which helps you lose weight. If you want these capsules to work, you must opt for a diet which is low on calories and high on fibre. According to a survey published in The Journal of The American Medical Association, people who consumed Garcinia Cambogia capsules before meals thrice a day lost about 3.2 kgs of weight.

#8 Whey Protein helps you lose weight, yes it’s true

Whey Protein

Buy Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein @ Rs 2925

According to a study conducted in Paris, France, people who consumed whey protein before workouts burnt fats and maintained their lean body. The regular consumption of whey protein improves the protein content in your body which you usually don’t get from meals. A diet which is rich in protein makes you active thereby helping you lose weight. Take a spoon of whey protein with water before your workout to see results.



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