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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 6 Jewellery Gifts for Your Sister/Brother

6 Jewellery Gifts for Your Sister/Brother

Last updated on: July 20, 2017 15:35 IST

#1 Timeless necklace sets - You just can't go wrong with these!

Necklace sets

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Is your sister usually dressed in an ethnic attire? Buy one of these necklace sets for your sister as they would go well with most of her traditional outfits. These necklace sets can be worn on weddings and other formal events. If your sister has a fetish for traditional jewellery, she would surely admire a necklace set like this.

#2 There are a few necklace combos as well

Jewellery combos

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If you have more than one sister, it is ideal to choose one of these jewellery combos as it contains multiple jewellery sets which do not burn a hole in your pocket.


#3 Bangles and Bracelets - Pick one based on her personality


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A pair of bangles is best suited with sarees and ethnic dresses whereas bracelets match one piece dresses or any other contemporary outfit. Pick one based on how she usually dresses up. You can also buy one of both bangles and bracelets as they are available at pocket-friendly prices.

#4 God pendant sets - For your spiritual brother

God pendant sets

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If your brother is miles away from style and is a simple and religious individual, buying these pendant sets with Lord Ganesha would be a great idea.

#5 Men's Bracelets - For your fashion conscious brother

Bracelets for brother

 Buy Men's Bracelets Under Rs 500

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If your brother is someone who loves to wear a bracelet, you can choose from these smart and stylish bracelets. Men wear bracelets for many reasons. Some wear it to enhance their attire while others wear it as they are inspired by their favourite celebrities. Whatever the reason, a bracelet would definitely complement a man's personality.

Wearing Rudraksha is known to bring good health, peace, and prosperity to the wearer. You can either choose to buy a Rudraksha bracelet, the dual tone bracelet or the one with a geometric pattern.

#6 Chains for Men - The quintessential men's jewellery piece


 Buy Men's Chains Under Rs 350

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When it comes to jewellery, men don't have much to choose from. However, chains have remained an essential part of men's jewellery since time immemorial. Picking a gold chain for your brother can be a little difficult. Let us help you pick one! The one and only tip is to pick a chain based on his likes and personality.
If your brother has a rugged personality and can easily pull off a gold chain, pick a thick gold chain with multiple layers. If your brother is on the spiritual side, pick a Rudraksha chain or mala is known to possess spiritual vibes. If your brother is a fan of the ace cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, you can choose the Sachin inspired chain from our collection.



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