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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » Modify your Maruti Swift With These 7 Cool Car Accessories

Modify your Maruti Swift With These 7 Cool Car Accessories

Last updated on: January 21, 2015 12:11 IST

Maruti Swift

If you own a Maruti Swift, you are already very lucky as this car has a brilliant performance coupled with impressive fuel efficiency. Maruti has always focused on performance and fuel economy rather than looks. Your Maruti Swift may be the best in class vehicle but is simpler in terms of looks.

Here is how you can modify your Maruti Swift with these 7 cool car accessories –

#1 Floor mats – The company fitted fabric on the flooring of your Maruti Swift attracts dust and stains. Don’t settle for substandard floor mats as they do no good to your car. Go for these superior yet affordable door mats as they are durable, weather proof and perfectly fits the flooring of your Maruti Swift.

Maruti Swift Floor Mat

Buy Maruti Swift Floor Mats (Set of 4) @ Rs 349

 Click here for a wide range of Maruti Swift Floor Mats Under Rs 799

#2 Towel Seat Covers - Your leather seat covers may look extremely trendy but park your car in a sunny lane for a while; they tend to heat up. Go for towel fabric seat covers as they are temperature resistant and look stylish at the same time. 

Maruti Swift Towel Seat Covers

Buy Maruti Swift Towel Seat Covers @ Rs 1300

Click here for a wide range of Maruti Swift Seat Covers Under Rs 999


#3 Car Body Cover - The universal car body cover flies away with wind as it is available in free size. Get this body cover specifically made according to the dimensions of your Maruti Swift. The extra thick material makes this body cover long lasting.  It also protects your car from minor scratches and ultraviolet rays. 

Maruti Swift Body Cover

Buy Maruti Swift Body Cover @ Rs 495

Click here for a wide range of Maruti Swift Body Covers Under Rs 899


#4 Car Rear Window Safety Sticker - A car safety sticker is used to warn other drivers on the road. You can also find a wide variety of car safety stickers with witty messages like 'Shopaholic on board' or 'Don't honk, driver trying to sleep. This sticker is prominently visible from a long distance which allows a speeding vehicle to see your car. 

Safety Sticker

Buy Car Safety Stickers Under Rs 200


#5 Tubeless Tyres - Maruti Swift is known for its mind blowing fuel efficiency. It is advisable to change your car tyres after every 35000 kms. Upgrading your tyres well in time improves the handling, fuel efficiency and overall performance of your Maruti Swift. 

Swift Tyres

 Buy Swift Tyres. Starting Rs 3082

#6 Trendy lights for a stylish entry

                         a. Foot Step Light – As the entire base of your Maruti Swift is black, this foot step light will add a twist to the look of your vehicle. It is rust proof and easy to install. 

Swift Door Sill Plate

Buy Maruti Swift Foot Step Light Under Rs 800


                       b. Car Logo Ghost Shadow Light – This light is installed at the bottom of your door. The light turns on as you open the door of your Maruti Swift. The LED logo will compliment the look of your car. 

Swift Door Ghost Shadow Light

Buy Maruti Swift Ghost Shadow Light Under Rs 499


#7 LED Lights - Take a break from the usual company fitted light bulbs. Go for LED lights to make your car look smart and stylish.

LED Lights Swift

Buy Maruti Swift LED Lights Under Rs 999



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