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How to monitor your home when you are away

Last updated on: October 09, 2015 12:45 IST

Monitor your home

There are situations where it is practically impossible to take your baby along like a supermarket or at work. Stay connected to your little one when you are not at home with Zicom Quanta Baby Watch camera. 


Buy Zicom Quanta Baby Watch Camera @ Rs 3999


Zicom Quanta Baby Watch Camera is a 1.3 megapixel camera with inbuilt mic and speaker. Now, keep an eye on the maid/babysitter who is managing your home and baby when you are away. Get a live video feed to your smartphone in case of any suspicious activity. Just log into your camera through your phone/laptop/tablet and see and hear your child. 


4 Reasons Why You Must Buy Zicom Quanta Baby Watch Camera - 

#1 Know when your kid is hungry/crying


Kid crying

Buy Zicom Quanta Baby Watch Camera @ Rs 3999


The Baby Watch Quanta has Human Motion Detection feature which delivers live feeds to your mobile phone and notifies you about all the activities happening at home real time. The unique username and password gives access to the camera only to authorized users. Share the login details only with the people whom you can trust. 

#2 Know when your kid is about to fall


Baby falling

Buy Zicom Quanta Baby Watch Camera @ Rs 3999

Women generally cook food when the kid goes off to sleep. The Zicom Quanta Baby sends a live video feed on your phone which lets you know when your baby is awake or is about to fall.

#3 See a stranger near your baby? Ring an alarm!



Buy Zicom Quanta Baby Watch Camera @ Rs 3999

In case you see an unknown person near your baby, you can simply ring an alarm on a suspicious intrusion through your device. 

#4 Talk to your little one/elderly parent



Buy Zicom Quanta Baby Watch Camera @ Rs 3999

The Two Way Communication allows you to talk to your kid/parents back home. Your voice will make them feel safe and secured. Now, you can remind your kid/s to finish their home work or elderly parents to take their medicines on time with this feature.

Even if there is no small baby at your home, it is advisable to place a hidden camera at your home or office when you are not around. It helps you keep an eye on your premises and know who is trying to take an advantage of your absence.

Here is a range of affordable surveillance cameras -

Surveillance Cameras 

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