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How to maximize Family Time

Last updated on: July 18, 2018 12:44 IST

Most of us are caught up in a hectic whirlwind of work related activities which start on Monday morning and end on Saturday evening and then begin all over again. Often we do not even realize how time slips quietly by as we rush to complete urgent tasks which relate to juggling jobs, running the household, chauffeuring our children, our parents to work, school, doctor appointments, shopping etc.

Yet at the back of our minds, we are constantly aware, that spending quality time together, doing different activities, is the best way we have to show our family members that we care and they are the most important priority for us.

#1 Go on an Outdoors Trip: What can be more fun that going out on a picnic or a camping holiday with your family. You can have lots of fun by taking up some sports equipment like Badminton or Tennis gear, Football.

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#2 Safe driving: Long drives on congested roads can expose you to pollution causing breathing problems and triggering allergies. It is advisable to opening or closing a car’s windows and vents can reduce some pollutants while increasing others. Using the air conditioner (set to use recirculated air, not outdoor air) can filter out most particulate matter, for instance, but keeps in volatile organic compounds. An air ionizer / diffuser is a very useful product to have for long duration drives.

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#3 Match up your Home Décor: Cooped up at home due to heavy rains or too much sun. You can still have fun by matching up your furnishings and décor items. Or Shopping for them online, together!

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#4 Play Indoors with your Kids: Healthy children are happy children, so keep your kids active and engaged even when they are indoors. Sometimes it’s just too hot to play outside or it is raining. With boredom comes inactivity and complaining, so get everyone happy by engaging them in interesting indoor games


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#5 Potter about in your Garden: People generally look to gardening for the produce or as stress relief . You can easily make it a family learning project!  Including children into gardening projects offers several benefits including life lessons, practical knowledge about vegetables and results in closer families!


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Whatever activity you choose to do, remember that Health always comes first. Germs are everywhere, especially when you're a kid. From picking up bugs on the playground and sharing cups with friends to holding hands and touching dirty sinks in public areas.  Ensure that your Child follows a habit of regularly washing hands. Also have a good mosquito and insect repellent at home, preferably of the non-chemical variety


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