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How To Get The Lighting For Your Home Right

Last updated on: December 04, 2014 10:31 IST

Home Lighting


You have spent a fortune on your home décor but when it comes to lighting, you are using those age old bulbs and tube-lights. The right kind of lighting can brighten up every nook and corner of your home and also save a lot of energy. With the latest LED lights, table lamps etc you can simply change the look of your entire home. Here are the top lighting picks for your home that will compliment your home interiors and also cut down on your electricity bill –

#1 Save energy with LED bulbs and lights 

LED Lights

 Moser Baer Bulb Combo @ Rs 799         Teknolite 7W LED Panel Light @ Rs 1350

Click here for a wide range of LED Bulbs Under Rs 999    

Click here for a wide range of LED Panel Lights under Rs 2499

It is strongly recommended to use LED lights and bulbs as CFL bulb contains harmful mercury and consumes more power than a LED bulb. You can use LED panel lights for lighting up larger areas such as drawing rooms, bed rooms etc. If your rooms have a false ceiling, you can opt for concealed LED panel lights whereas if they don’t have a false ceiling, surface LED panel lights will do the trick. Use LED bulbs to lit up smaller areas such as lobbies, bathrooms, wardrobes etc. LED bulbs are easy to use and fit in the regular socket. 

#2 Table lamps that compliment your home decor

Themed Table Lamps

 Nirvana Table Lamp @ Rs 1065           

Paisley Table Lamp @ Rs 1065    

Dia Pattern Table Lamp @ Rs 1450

Click here for a wide range of Themed Table Lamps


Table Lamps

 Metro City Table Lamp @ Rs 1699   

Angry Bird Table Lamp @ Rs 1699   

Antique Table Lamp @ Rs 1999

Click here for a wide range of Table Lamps Under Rs 1999


Diamond Table Lamps


Buy Diamond Lamps @ Rs 999 on Rediff Shopping

Besides power saving LED lights, you can also opt for a few table lamps that add an edge to the ambience of your bedroom. Whether you are reading a book or listening to soft music in your room, a designer table lamp is just what you need for the perfect setting.

#3 Power failure? No worries!

Emergency Lights

Eveready HL58 @ Rs 949  

Eveready HL05 @ Rs 465  

Eveready HL04 @ Rs 225

Click here for a wide range of Emergency Lights

Don’t injure yourself while looking out for those candles or a matchbox. Keep an emergency LED light handy. Eveready rechargeable emergency LED light comes with 30 LED bulbs and a battery life of 16 hours. This can also be used as a light on your study table. You can also carry this portable light on treks and small picnics as it is lightweight and easy to use. 

#4 Switch to solar power for a brighter future

Solar lamps

                     Solar Powered Garden Light @ Rs 685                       

Solar Powered Lantern @ Rs 548

Click here for a wide range of Solar Lights Under Rs 899

In case you have a small lawn or an adjoining terrace to your house, you can opt for solar powered pole lights to light up these outdoor areas. If your residential area is known for untimely power cuts, you can choose from a wide range of rechargeable solar lanterns.



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