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How to cook a 3 course meal within 30 minutes

June 03, 2015 17:33 IST

Cooking a 3 course meal in today’s hectic schedule may sound very tiresome.

However, you can cook a 3 course meal if you have the right kitchen accessories.

#1 Cutting veggies cannot get simpler and easier than this

Speedy Slicer

Speedy Slicer

Buy Speedy Slicer @ Rs 399

Cutting and chopping off veggies is a breeze with an efficient food processor. Rediff recommends - Speedy slicer, dicer & chopper.

Simply follow the 3 steps - place, push and enjoy i.e. place the speedy slicer on the veggies you wish to slice and just push it. It is super simple. Keeping the vegetables ready before cooking will save a lot of your time.

#2 How to get a pretty looking salad ready in time

V Slicer


V Slicer

Buy V Slicer @ Rs 499

When it comes to salad, it is all about the way it looks. The only problem is that it takes a lot of time to cut the veggies evenly.

Use this V slicer and make a pretty salad within minutes.

#3 Crush or finely chop garlic for that delicious flavour

Garlic Peeler


Garlic Peeler

Buy Garlic Peeler @ Rs 99

Crushed or finely chopped garlic can be used while making chutney. You can also crush the garlic and use it in the gravy to enhance its taste.

Garlic Crusher

Garlic Crusher

Buy Garlic Crusher @ Rs 245


Chopping garlic is again a tedious task. You can use the garlic peeler to peel off its skin and later use the plastic garlic crusher if you require finely chopped garlic.

#4 Making a dish for the first time? Use a weighing scale

Weighing Scale

Buy LCD Weighing Scale @ Rs 430

You may have noted down the ingredients of a recipe aired on a cookery show. But, it gets really difficult to actually keep the ingredients ready when you are making a dish. The best way to ensure that everything is in the right quantity; you can use a weighing scale and avoid the confusion.

Even when you are baking a dish, the ingredients must be added in the right quantity or else the dish goes for a toss. This weighing scale helps you in keeping the ingredients ready for a perfectly baked dish.



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