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7 products which help you to be creative in the kitchen

Last updated on: June 20, 2019 16:30 IST

Cooking and serving the tastiest food from your kitchen can be fun. It will bring you laurels within your friends circle and family for being the master chef. Here are 7 small products that can be added to your kitchen to make the cooking more creative and time saving.


Lead image

Rice and Pulse Strainer:

Rice and pulse strainer



Buy this useful rice and pulse strainer for Rs.329 only

Straining the water after washing or boiling the rice and pulses can be hectic and sometimes leads to spilling of hot water on our hands. Now with this easy to use strainer you can maintain a safe distance from the hot water and also strain the water without spilling the rice and pulses.


Corn kernel cutter:

Corn kernel cutter


Buy this corn kernel cutter for just Rs.198

Corn is rich in fiber and plant compounds that may aid digestive and eye health. There are plenty of recipes which include corn but to separate corn kernels from the cob is a difficult process and time consuming. The corn kernel cutter helps to separate the corn kernels easily and it is hygienic and safer than using a knife. It is easy to clean and you can enjoy fresh corns for salads, salsa, and more.


Herb scissors:

Herb scissors


Buy this herb cutter scissors for Rs.439 only

Herbs and spices are a part of our Indian cuisine and it improves overall health. Herbs are loaded with impressive health benefits and it adds flavour to our food.  This herb scissors snip the herbs quickly and chop or mince the herbs directly into a pan or over a plate for garnishing. This helps to retain the health benefits and flavours of the herb which improves the taste of food.


Citrus spray extractor:

Lemon spray extractor


Buy a pack of two citrus spray extractor for Rs.198

Many of us enjoy a dash of lemon with our poha, salads, and tandoori or grilled chicken etc. But we will end up with adding the lemon juice unevenly on our food. This citrus spray extractor will help us to add the lemon juice evenly on food and enhance the taste. It is easy to use and can be used with lemon, lime and orange.


Fish scale cleaner and scraper:

Fish scale cleaner



Buy this fish scale cleaner and scraper with lid for as low as Rs.396

Fish is packed with many nutrients including high quality protein, iodine, Omega-3 fatty acids. For the person who loves to eat fishes it is easy to make a yummy fish curry and it is not that easy to clean it especially while removing the scales. There are many fish scale scraper but this scraper comes with a box with lid so the scales can be disposed easily and avoids the mess. 


Scoop and slicer:

Scooper and slicer


Buy this scoops and slicer for as low as Rs.449

When it comes to healthy food the first thing comes in our mind is fruits and vegetables. Some of the fruits like watermelon, papaya are rich in vitamins and aids weight loss. But removing the seeds from these fruits are not as easy as eating it. This slicer will deseed the papaya and watermelon easily and it is a time saver. While serving these fruits instead of cutting it you can scoop it into small balls and serve it with ice creams, mock tails or cocktails.


Measuring cups and spoons:

Measuring cups


Buy this 8 pcs set of measurement cups and spoons for Rs.248

When it comes to cooking a new recipe there are two main rules matters the most. First is to follow the recipe and second is the right measurement of ingredients. Everyone finds the first rule easy but it goes wrong when it comes to the second rule MEASURE. This set of 8 piece measurement cups and spoon helps to follow the second rule of trying out a new recipe. The measurements are clearly printed and ideal tools for measuring. Try some new recipe and become creative in your kitchen.

Lead and tile image: Kind courtesy Pixabay 



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