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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » How The Television Has Changed Since 1950s - World Television Day 2014

How The Television Has Changed Since 1950s - World Television Day 2014

November 20, 2014 12:57 IST

Evolution Of Television History

World Television Day is a time to rewatch and relive some of the greatest moments of television that helped bring reality into people's homes. Lets Take A look at some of the best invention made in the history of Television. Here we have gathered all kinds of television from their evolution to up coming latest technology in TV's. 

1)  This is what the First Telelvision look like. John Logie Baird FRSE was a Scottish engineer, who innovates the ideas and inventor of the world's first mechanical television.

The First Television

Image: Wikipedia

2)  First Television Launched: This is what RCA 630-TS, the first mass-produced television set look when it ready to sold in 1946–1947

First Television in 1946

Image: Wikipedia

3) Evolution of Television In India: If you remember your old TV Sets some of the famous brands were Oscar, Beltek, Webel, Weston, Nelco, Salora, Bestavision or Crown? These are some of oldest television brands that first gave Indian consumers a taste of outside world through the idiot box in the 70s and 80s. This Is Salora Black And White Television 

The Old Salora Television In 80's


4) Bulky Color TV Sets: Remember the craze of TV Shows like Humlog and Buniyaad and start of satellite television in 90's changed the overall choice perception of indian cinema. These bulky colours television sets priced between Rs.7000 to Rs.2000 in 90's which is not affordable for middle class indians. 

Bush TV  Famous During 90's

5) Emergence Of Flat Television:  After That Comes the Fully Flat Television started by Sony, BPL and Onida (Neighbours Envy Owners Pride). 

Flat Screen Television Started

6)  LED LCD and Plasma Culture:  LCD/LED Television started in 1997 in US but it came to india in 2007, Panasonic announced the first 'real' Plasma display, or PDP (plasma has been in research and some production since the sixties) – a 42” model, 852x480 resolution, progressive scan. Compared to CRT, the picture quality (especially the 'refresh-rate') of LCD/PDP TVs are considered worse, and they are also more expensive

LCD And LED Evolution

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7) Ultra HD or 4K TVs: Ultra-high-definition television (also known as Super Hi-Vision, Ultra HD television, UltraHD, UHDTV, or UHD) includes 4K UHD (2160p) and 8K UHD(4320p)

Ultra HD or 4K TVs

8) OLED TVs: The most promising new display technology is OLED (Organic.Light.Emitting.Diodes). OLEDs are made from a material that emits light when an electric charge is driven through it. 


Samsung First OLED Television


9) Curved Television were introduced to the consumer market in 2013, while curvedscreen projection displays have been around since the 1950s.

Samsung Curved Television

 Hope you like the journey we have presented in the article. If you have something to add you can comment below or just share this article with your friends. 



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