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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » Four compact car products under Rs.500 that can ease your next drive

Four compact car products under Rs.500 that can ease your next drive

Last updated on: June 10, 2019 12:34 IST

Everyday drive in traffic can be stressful especially with pollution of air and noise outside. Here are four compact products under Rs.500 for your car to have a stress free drive.

Car Air purifier: Breathe fresh air in heavy traffic 

Car Air purifier


Buy Car Air purifier for Rs.299

Whether it is the smell of smoke or the stale odour this car air purifier eliminates the peculiar smell. It purifies the air inside and reduces the chances of general ailments like sneezing, car sickness and so on. It is compact and effective and easy to use. This all comes for as low as Rs.299


Mobile holder: Hassle free drive

Mobile holder


Buy Mobile holder for Car for Rs.170

You can use your mobile hands-free and check google maps for way without any problem. This mobile holder will hold your mobile with silicone lined grip and can be adjusted to any angle to suit the driver. It is easy to assemble and comes for a low price of Rs.170.


Car backseat organizer: De clutter your car


Car backseat organizer


Buy Car backseat organizer for Rs.299

A compact and clever usage of backseat space to keep your drink, gadgets and lot more. This will help you keep your car spacious and organized. Get a space saver organizer for Rs.299


Car scratch remover pen: Affordable way to get rid of small scratches

Car scratch remover



Buy one get one free car scratch remover pen for Rs.250

Small scratches on the car can make it look little old and scratch repairs are expensive. This scratch remover pen gives you a permanent repair for those small scratches. It is water resistant and can be used on any color car. It is easy to use apply the pen on scratched areas, buff it in and wipe it. It is much affordable and comes for Rs.250


Note: The cover picture is used only for representational purpose



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