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Breathable Cotton Bedsheets from Panipat for a Comfy Sleep

May 24, 2018 14:41 IST

Panipat is famous for the largest and most well-functioning Handloom Entrepreneurs, producing international quality of hand-woven rugs, carpets and other floor coverings and handloom made bed sheets and cushions curtains, table covers, kitchen and bath linen made of Handloom cloth. There is a wide range of bed sheets available right from pure cotton to poly cotton and blended ones. In a country like India, cotton bed sheets are highly recommended as they are cool and comfortable.

Panipat Bedsheets 

Click here to browse through a range of cotton bed-sheets from Panipat


A pure cotton bed sheet is the most expensive one. The quality, softness and its anti-allergic properties are what make this fabric unmatched. Cotton sheets will become more comfortable and soft with each washing.

Panipat Bedsheets 

Browse through a wide range of breathable bed-sheets from Panipat here


Cotton is antibacterial which means its sheets have the ability to suppress bacteria, micro flora. It is also not known to cause allergies. Pure cotton bed sheets are anti-static and can even help soften and preserve the skin due to its natural pH balance.

Panipat Bedsheets   

 Check out More Cotton Bedsheets from Panipat at this link


Some of the other benefits of cotton sheets are:

- Absorbs superfluous moisture

- Natural. Environmentally Friendly

- Actually repels dirt

As you can see the benefits of a cotton bed sheet are immense and will be a good addition to your bedroom.

No matter where you reside, we will deliver pure cotton bed sheets directly sourced from the manufacturers of Panipat to your doorstep.



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