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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 8 Things You Need to Fight the Summer Heat Wave

8 Things You Need to Fight the Summer Heat Wave

Last updated on: March 28, 2018 16:15 IST

Summer is here. Stepping out of the house feels like walking on a hot pan. Here are some cool things that make your summer pleasant-

#1 Cooling Towel

Cooling Towel

 Buy Cooling Towel @ Rs 395

Whether you are working out or playing a sport, you are bound to sweat during the activity and a lot more especially during summer. This cooling towel absorbs moisture, sweat and keeps you cool throughout the workout or any other strenuous physical activity. It uses reinforced evaporative mesh (inside) for extra strength. Keeping it wet will allow its moisture to evaporate and continue cooling for hours. If the towel begins to dry out, dip it in cold water to keep it cool.

#2 Ice Gola/Slush Maker

Ice Gola Maker

Buy Ice Gola/Slush Maker @ Rs 490

During summers, your body tends to sweat more than usual leaving you dehydrated. All you need to do is to stay hydrated by sipping on water or any other cold beverage. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy ice gola or slushes. Why risk your health by enjoying an ice gola outside when you can make one at home easily! Yes, this ice gola/slush maker crushes fine ice exactly like those street side vendors. Pour some flavoured syrup on the crushed ice and enjoy ice gola or crush whenever you want.

#3 Auto Cool Car Ventilation Fan

Solar Car Fan

 Buy Solar Car Ventilation Fan @ Rs 375

This solar-powered car fan maintains a safe, comfortable temperature level to your car. Its solar panel uses sunlight to power the built-in fan. Place the fan vent on the edge of the window, then close windows and lock up. The solar ventilation fan even helps eliminate pet and tobacco odour.

#4 Mini Air Conditioner

Mini Air Conditioner

 Buy Mini Air Conditioner @ Rs 299

This air conditioner provides strong wind with very little power consumption. If you want to enjoy the cool air, you can add ice or cold water in the storage box and say goodbye to the scorching heat. Besides cold water, you can also scent beads in the storage box for cool fragrant air.

#5 Fruit Juicer


 Buy Fruit & Vegetable Juicer @ Rs 399

Fruits are your best friends this season. This season calls for a lighter diet. You can replace your meal with a bowl of fruits or have a couple of them post meals. Fruits are full of nutrition and they keep your body healthy. You can also sip on delicious juices as a substitute to eating fruits. Regular intake of fresh juice will keep you hydrated all day long. Make fresh juices at home with this smart juicer instead of consuming those packed juices that are full of preservatives.

#6 Aviator Sunglasses


Aviator Sunglasses

Buy Aviator Sunglasses @ Rs 299

This pair of classic aviator sunglasses comes with UV protection. These sunglasses not just look stylish but also protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. This is a versatile pair and goes well with both casual and formal outfits. These sunglasses look good on most face shapes and make the wearer look extremely stylish.

#7 Rechargeable LED Light with Fan


Rechargeable LED Light with Fan

 Buy Rechargeable LED Light with Fan @ Rs 290

This rechargeable fan is a saviour during power cuts. The rechargeable fan ensures optimum circulation of fresh air around you. It is really useful during power cuts and short trips as well.

#8 Caps

Baseball cap

 Buy Men's Caps- Pack of 3 @ Rs 299

A cap is an accessory that comforts your head. A cap not just makes you look stylish but also protects your head from the scorching heat.



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