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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 8 Things That Make Your Kitchen Smarter

8 Things That Make Your Kitchen Smarter

February 21, 2018 17:04 IST

Here are 8 things to up your kitchen game -

#1 BlueOxy Oven and Grill Cleaner - No more stubborn stains on your grill or oven

Oven and grill cleaner

Buy Blueoxy Oven and Grill Cleaner @ Rs 430

No matter how careful you are while cooking, your kitchen is going to end up looking messy. This oven and grill cleaner by Blue Oxy is formulated with powerful ingredients to handle your worst kitchen mess. If you use an oven or a grill in your kitchen, you may have noticed the carbon deposits, oil or grease stains on the surface of your grill.
The grill cleaner is developed to remove the stubborn carbon deposits and hard oil stains quickly.

#2 BlueOxy Tap Cleaner - Make your taps look like new

Tap cleaner

Buy BlueOxy Tap Cleaner @ Rs 320

Our bathroom fittings especially taps have an amazing shine when they are new. As time passes, the shine is gone and they start looking dull. How do you get them to look like new ones again? Use Blue Oxy Tap cleaner as it gently removes the limescale deposits without harming the finish of your fittings.
Spray the cleaner on the tap and allow to work freely for some time, then rinse off with warm water and rub the space dry.

#3 Chocolate Melting Pot - Melt chocolate like a pro!


Buy Chocolate Melting Pot @ Rs 999

It enables you to melt chocolate without much ado. Order this chocolate melting pot and you could enjoy a chocolate fondue with friends or family. You can also make superbly tasting chocolate candies at home or add melted chocolate on to fruits or dry fruits.

#4 Chopper, Peeler, Grater, Slicer - one tool do it all!

Grater Slicer Peeler

Buy Cutter Chopper Grater Slicer @ Rs 359

Cutting, slicing and chopping fruits and veggies it into various sizes and shapes is now easy with this tool. With 5 different attachments, this tool allows you to cut veggies in 11 different ways. It can cut it into various shapes like cubes, slices in various sizes and thickness. The long-lasting superior blades make your job extremely easy.

#5 Hen shaped Egg Boiler - Boil eggs to perfection

Egg boiler

Buy Hen Shaped Egg Boiler @ Rs 499

Cooking eggs are super easy with this great egg cooker. Enjoy eggs anytime anywhere. It boils up to 7 eggs to perfection. Cook as per your preference - hard, medium or soft boiled. The best part, you don't have to wait till the eggs get boiled, the boiler stops automatically once they are perfectly boiled.

#5 Momo or Wanton Steamer - Time for some steaming hot momos and wontons

Wanton steamer

Buy Momo or Wanton Bamboo Steamer Box @ Rs 949

Made from real bamboo, this basket lets you enjoy the perfectly steamed Asian delicacies. Invite your friends for a delectable oriental meal prepared in the most authentic way. With this bamboo steamer, you can cook momos, wontons, dim sums, or both vegetables and meats. Bon appetit!

#6 Silicon Tea Infuser

Tea Infuser

Buy Silicon Tea Infuser @ Rs 345

How about a sip of tea to begin your lazy afternoon? This silicon strainer is the perfect mate for your afternoon tea. Just load this little squirrel's tail with your preferred tea leaves, insert the tail in your cup to infuse the perfect flavour. This is a great gift for tea drinkers. It is dishwasher and microwave safe.




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