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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 8 Safety Tips For Bikers During Rain

8 Safety Tips For Bikers During Rain

Last updated on: June 25, 2015 16:17 IST

With the monsoon just around the corner, you must be gearing up to change your wardrobe and protect your house from the rains. But is your favourite speed machine ready for the season? The reason why we need to take extra care of a bike and take some preventive measures is because there are several factors which make driving unsafe during rains.

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Some of the prominent reasons include poor visibility, slippery road surface, more pot-holes develop on roads in rainy season, water logging on roads, chances of water or mud sticking to under-body of bikes and car causing corrosion, loss in braking efficiency because of water seepage into brake disks and drums etc. 

This guide gives you a few pre-monsoon bike care tips: 

#1. Rain cover for shoes: Wet weather will never be a threat to you, if you have a set of good rain covers for shoes. It is a bit of simple common sense, preparation, and a simple additional gear. Rain covers for shoes protect your shoes from excessive rain, annoyance and discomfort. Many shoe covers available online which are made of "rip-stop type" water proof nylon. Very easy to put on and off and take up very little room when not in use. Free size fits most shoe sizes.


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#2.  Biker’s Rain Jackets: True bikers dress to protect themselves in a fall rather than dressing just for the ride. Click here to fine complete range of bike accessories 

Rain Cover For Shoes

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#3.   Body Armour Jackets For Extra Safety -  Full Zipper front closure. Adjustable straps throughout the arms and shoulders and removable spine armor with wide elastic waist belt with velcro adjustment.

Balaclava To Protect Your Body Moisture and Rains

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#4. Helmets with Visor Fogging:  During rains make sure you wear a bike helmet that has visor fogging, because with moisture in the air, helmet may get fogged up easily. Take a look at some of newest designs of helmets for professional bikers and cycle enthusiast.

Bike Helmets For Rains

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#5. Waterproof Body Cover for Bike: A bike cover is the most pocket-friendly option to secure your two wheeler from most weathers. Not only do motorcycle covers ensure that your bike is protected externally, they also help in retaining the internal working mechanism, thus acting as a protective barrier. You may browse online to check various branded bike covers which are not only attractive and perfect fit, but are pocket friendly, made with high quality, strong waterproof material to provide you complete protection to your bike from moisture and dirt.

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#6. Flashing flash wheel lights: These lights will turn off when your bike stops and it flashes in blue colour when it’s running. Good visibility in bad weather and night, easily installed on tyres air valve cap & runs on AAA battery.

lights for bikes

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#7. Light where you need it with Glovelite: Say goodbye to the days of headlamps and flashlights! Adios to dark shadows and broken tools! The creators of glovelite bring light to your fingertips and allow you to complete tasks with ease.

Glove Lite LED Flashlight Torch Emergency Light

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#8. Antirust and protection: The Anti-corrosion Treatment gives the bike underbody a protective layer that prevents contact of metal with water preventing the formation of rust. It should be an all time concern for every bike owners. 

Anti Rust Solution For Bike

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