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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 8 Innovative Products That Make Life Simpler

8 Innovative Products That Make Life Simpler

Last updated on: July 03, 2017 17:00 IST

#1 Tri Fidget Spinner Toy

Spinner Toy 

Buy Tri Fidget Spinner Toy @ Rs 199

Can't resist fidgeting? Try the tri-fidget spinner toy! Simply hold the center of the toy in between your index finger and thumb while using your other hand to spin it. As a result, this toy will go round and round for a long period of time. Did you know playing with this toy has multiple benefits? It reduces anxiety level and improves your concentration as well.

#2 Pet Feeding Water Bottle

Pet bottle

Buy Pet Feeding Water Bottle @ Rs 470

If you have a pet, you may have observed your pet drinking water anywhere on the roads. Drinking stale water could be hazardous to your pet's health. Make sure your beloved pet drinks clear water at any time with this pet feeding water bottle. This pet feeding water bottle is easy to carry and can be hung as well. This bottle is very useful if you are going for a long holiday with your pet.

#3 Cook Top Protector

Stove Protector


Buy Cook Top Protector Set @ Rs 474

Keep your stove clean and spotless with this cooktop protector. These protectors slip right over the gas burner area and protect the surface from dirt and dust. The cooktop may get spoiled due to stains of cooking oil or any other sticky substance. These cooktop protector set is washable and can be reused.

#4 Yoga Mesh Mat Bag

Yoga Mat Bag

Buy Yoga Mesh Mat Bag @ Rs 449

This mesh bag carries your yoga mat like no other. It is an airy and lightweight bag perfect to carry your yoga mat. Why use this yoga mesh mat bag? It helps in drying your yoga mat quickly and superior quality mesh eliminates odours. Besides a yoga mat, this bag can also carry a couple of yoga essentials as well. This yoga mat bag can carry most yoga mats and can be worn across the shoulder.

#5 Chillow - Cooling Pillow


Buy Cooling Pillow @ Rs 289

Can't sleep due to excessive sweating? This cooling pillow keeps your pillow cool especially during summer. With Soothe Soft technology, the water cool memory foam keeps you cool for hours. The Chillow cooling pad continuously circulates water to absorb and release body heat. Once activated, Chillow cooling pad will stay cooler than your body temperature, providing cooling, soothing comfort. This cooling pillow doesn't need batteries or electricity.

#6 Women's Emergency Urinal Tool

Urinal Tool

Buy Women's Emergency Urinal Tool @ Rs 399

Most women dread using public toilets for only one reason - unclean toilet seat. If you are out on a trip and want to avoid sitting on an unhygienic public toilet, you can use this emergency urinal tool. It allows women to urinate in a standing position without removing any clothing.

#7 Clever Cutter

Clever Cutter

 Buy Clever Cutter - Knife + Chopping Board @ Rs 299

Clever Cutter comprises of a knife and a cutting board which chops and slices your favourite food in seconds. With German steel blade, it effortlessly cuts through fruits, veggies, meats and more fast, easy and mess-free.

#8 Rice Washing Sieve

Rice Washing Sieve

Buy Rice Washing Sieve @ Rs 225

Washing rice is really easy with this sieve. Add water to rice and rinse it in the sieve. The water automatically gets drained out. You can also use the sieve to wash fruits, vegetables and so on.



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