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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 8 Brilliant Lighting Ideas for Your Home

8 Brilliant Lighting Ideas for Your Home

March 24, 2017 17:00 IST

A beautiful home is not just about bold coloured walls colour and a few decor items. Choosing the right kind of light is what brings out the natural beauty of your home. Here are some effective lighting ideas which can enhance the mood at your home.

#1 Basics - LED bulbs

LED Bulbs

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The bathrooms and a few areas of your home definitely need bright lights for performing daily chores. Functionality wins over aesthetic appeal. Opt for LED lights as they help cut down on the consumption of electricity and spread bright light evenly. LED lighting not just solves the purpose efficiently but enhances the decor of your home as well.

#2 Burn the midnight oil - Table Lamps

Table Lamps

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The study area requires adequate light as it must prevent straining of the eyes while reading or working. The best part about table lamps is their adjustable head which lets you adjust the direction of the light as and when needed.

#3 Brighten up your kid’s room - LED Projector

Kids Projector

 Buy Constellation LED Projector Night Lamp Under Rs 550

Imagine your kids gazing at the stars on their very own room ceiling! Switch on the Turtle Night Sky Star Projector Lamp to get them busy looking at the constellation while sleeping. The light projects the image of stars on a wall or the ceiling.

#4 For adventure lovers- Headlamp


 Buy Headlamp Starting @ Rs 299

If you are busy working in a dark room and have both your hands occupied, a head lamp is the best solution. You could wear it on your head and turn it on whenever required. You can carry a headlamp if you are passionate about adventure.

When there is a power cut

#5 Emergency Lights

Emergency Lights

 Buy Emergency Lights Starting @ Rs 289


 Buy Torch Starting @ Rs 220

No matter where you live, it is always advisable to keep an emergency light handy to prevent unwanted situations.

#6 Lighting up the outdoors - Outdoor lights

Solar Lights

 Buy Solar Lights Starting @ Rs 299

Flood Lights

Buy Flood Lights Under Rs 500

Outdoor locations need to be well lit. There is a variety of outdoor lights which throws ample light even in the darkest areas. These lamps are a perfect blend of both style and functionality.



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