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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 6 Really Simple Tips to Make Your Home Dengue Proof

6 Really Simple Tips to Make Your Home Dengue Proof

Last updated on: January 23, 2018 15:52 IST

Dengue strikes again and it is deadlier this time! It is one of the most common diseases caused by a mosquito called 'Aedes Aegypti'. Did you know that the most common breeding ground for these mosquitoes is stagnant water stored in and around your house? It is extremely important to keep your house mosquito-proof this season. Here are a few tips to follow on a daily basis to keep dengue at bay -

#1 Dengue mosquitoes enter your house during the day. Hence, you must keep the doors and windows closed to prevent the entry of the mosquitoes. Use a mosquito net on your windows to block the mosquitoes and not the ventilation.

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#2 Use a highly effective mosquito killer. Place a mosquito killer and keep your house mosquito proof. You can also choose a mosquito killer with an inbuilt night lamp as light attracts mosquitoes.

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#3 Use a mosquito repellent spray or cream which is an equally effective solution to keep mosquitoes away. Make sure you apply it time and again if you tend to sweat too much.

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#4 Don't let stagnant water accumulate in and around your house as it is a breeding ground for Dengue mosquitoes. Make sure you clear the stagnant water stored near the plants in your house or the water gathered below the AC duct.

#5 Keep your surroundings clean. Use a floor cleaning mop to keep your flooring clean and free from dust and dirt which could attract pests and mosquitoes.

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#6 Tie a mosquito net around your bed to enjoy a sound sleep. This is a perfect way to keep dengue mosquitoes at bay.

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