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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 6 Bathroom Accessories That Make Your Mornings Extremely Easy Going

6 Bathroom Accessories That Make Your Mornings Extremely Easy Going

Last updated on: January 08, 2015 15:54 IST

#1 Wall Mounted Toothbrush cum Accessory Holder - Do you end up dropping your toothpaste or comb while picking it up from that tiny wall shelf?  This wall mounted accessory holder holds everything you need to start off your day - Toothpaste, toothbrush, morning lotion, face wash etc. With the suction cup, you can simply stick the holder on any smooth surface.

Toothbrush cum Accessory Holder

Buy Toothbrush cum Accessory Holder @ Rs 295


#2 Toothpaste Dispenser cum Toothbrush Holder - Squeezing the tube of your toothpaste can sometimes create a mess as the toothpaste just spills out which leads to wastage. The attractive design of this warrior shaped toothpaste dispenser cum toothbrush holder will appeal to the kids in your house. 

Toothpaste Dispenser cum Toothbrush Holder

Buy Toothpaste Dispenser cum Toothbrush Holder @ Rs 799


#3 Automatic Soap Dispenser - For all those lazy individuals who are not fond of washing their hands with a soap bar. Try out the the automatic soap dispenser! Simply place your palms below it and the equipment pours the right amount of liquid soap with the help of a motion sensor. 

Soap Dispenser

Buy Automatic Soap Dispenser @ Rs 599


#4 LED Shower Head - Take your early morning shower in style with this LED shower head. Connects with your shower pipe! The shower head emits colourful lights with built in LEDs. No need to switch on any other light in the bathroom, thanks to the bright LED lights. No battery needed.

LED Shower Head

Buy 3 Colour LED Shower Head @ Rs 1124


#5 Toilet Paper Roll Holder cum Mobile Holder - Do you wonder where to keep your phone after you are done using it in the toilet? Place it on this trendy toilet paper roll holder with a shelf.

Toilet Paper Roll cum Mobile Phone Holder

Buy Waterproof Toilet Paper Holder cum Mobile Holder @ Rs 999


#6 Laundry Bag - Dump your clothes in the laundry bag especially when you are in a hurry before you go for a shower.

Laundry Bag

Buy Laundry Bag @ Rs 299




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