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5 Simple Do It Yourself Car Cleaning Tips

Last updated on: November 07, 2014 10:42 IST



Car cleaning doesn’t necessarily mean sending your ride to a service centre where the cleaning services cost a fortune. Maintaining the exterior paint of your car or cleaning it internally is extremely easy with the latest car cleaning products. Love your car? Follow these simple car cleaning tips to make your car look like a new one:


Car Vacuum Cleaner


Car Vacuum Cleaner


Buy Vacuum Cleaners Under Rs 799


A car vacuum cleaner is not heavy and difficult to operate like those home vacuum cleaners like most people feel. Car vacuum cleaners are lightweight and easy to use. Simply connect the car vacuum cleaner into the lighter socket of your car and start the cleaning process.


Dashboard Spray


Dashboard Spray


Buy Dashboard Polish Under Rs 300


Do you remember how neat your dashboard looked when you bought your car? Bring back the lost shine with dashboard polish. You can also use the polish for the leather upholstery in your car.


3D Car Floor Mats


3D Foot Mats


Buy 3D Car Foot Mats Under Rs 1900


Say goodbye to the regular black floor mats in your car and go for a 3D car foot mat. These mats come with a 3D print that makes your car look stylish and sporty. Regular car mats lose its form and look flat over time whereas 3D car foot mats are made of durable material which protects the car floors and also prevents the usual wear and tear. Whether it is dust or water, nothing passes through the mats to the floor.


Water Spray Gun


water spray gun


Buy Water Spray Gun Under Rs 499


Simply cleaning your car with a wet cloth will not remove the hard stains. Why send your car to a service centre for regular washing when you do it yourself with a water spray gun? Get a water spray gun and wash your car thoroughly. The high pressure nozzle washes off the stains, dust and dirt from all the corners of your car making it shiny and clean. 


Scratch Remover Pen


Scratch Remover Pen


Buy Scratch Remover Pen Under Rs 399


The scratch remover pen is nothing but a clear coat that contains UV hardeners that fill the scratches. This pen works on all colours. Save the expenses of that expensive paint job every time your car gets scratched. Simply use the scratch remover pen and get rid of all scratches.




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