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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 5 Self Defense Tools That Will Make You Feel Really Safe

5 Self Defense Tools That Will Make You Feel Really Safe

May 22, 2017 17:10 IST

If you are too busy to learn a few martial arts techniques, these tools will protect you from creeps. Here are 5 self-defense tools that keep you safe-

#1 Pepper Spray

 Pepper Spray

 Buy Pepper Spray @ Rs 306

Women must always carry a pepper spray can in their handbag. This pepper spray bottle is compact and easily fits into the handbag. In an emergency situation, women need to spray it in the eyes of the attacker. The spray acts as an irritant to the eyes and skin of the person. One must hold it at an arm's length. Aim to spray on the attacker's face and escape. Inform the police immediately after the act.

#2 Police Self Defense Stun Gun with Torch

 Police Self Defense Stun Gun

Buy Self Defense Stun Gun with Torch @ Rs 460

No matter where you are, feel completely safe when you have this self-defense gun. It is a stun baton gun with a rechargeable torch. It serves as a great self-defense weapon and a flashlight during an emergency. It can be used to strike the attacker if they attempt to disarm you. It has a high voltage shock which will stop your attacker in their tracks and give you the chance to escape. Fire up the stun gun and it turns into a volt trashing self- defense device, powerful enough to fend and immobilize an attacker.

#3 Self Defence Folding Stick

Self Defense Baton Stick

 Buy Self Defense Expandable Baton Stick @ Rs 373

This folding stick is compact yet very effective as a self-defense tool. When struck with the right pressure, this iron stick can cause a lot of damage to an individual. The 8 inches stick turns to a 26" stick with the flick of the wrist.

#4 Credit Card Knife

 Credit Card Knife

 Buy Credit Card Knife @ Rs 99

This credit card knife is as slim as a real credit card. The knife is slimmer and lighter than a regular knife. It acts as a self-defense tool.

#5 Ninja Wallet Toolkit

 Ninja Wallet Toolkit

 Buy Ninja Wallet Toolkit @ Rs 129

This perfectly flat tool packs 6 wrenches, 4 screwdrivers, 2 rulers, a cellphone stand, a bottle opener, a can opener, a letter opener, a box cutter, and A fruit peeler into a single piece of steel the size of a credit card. Besides being a utility tool, the sharper tools in this toolkit can act as a self-defense tool as well.



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