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5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Non-stick Cookware Today

Last updated on: April 30, 2015 18:47 IST

Non-stick cookware have plenty of benefits including requiring less oil for a healthier meal but the Teflon that keeps the food from sticking has a controversial past, with experts going back and forth on whether or not it can be harmful to humans when heated.

Non Stick Cookware

Why take the risk? Opt for a trusted non-stick cookware manufacturer & exporter such as Bright Non-stick cookware, so your family can enjoy a safe and healthy meal.

#1 Make amazing dishes without a drop of oil

There is hardly any delicacy which can be cooked without oil. However, if you start using safe non-stick cookware you will enjoy the same dish without consuming a single drop of oil.

The surface of non-stick cookware is enhanced with a non-stick coating on a base material such as aluminium which keeps the food from sticking to the cookware while cooking it completely.

All non-stick cookware from ‘Bright Home’ have a PTFE Coating, a 3 Layer non-stick Coating System (Weilburg German Technology), ISI Marked, ISO 9001:2000 Company.

Appam Patra

Make tasty koftas, cutlets, appams in the above pan with zero oil.

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#2 Easy to clean, wash and dry

The regular cooking utensils absorb a lot of oil while cooking and therefore it is difficult to clean them. As you know that the coating of non-stick cookware prevents the food from sticking and is therefore easy to use and clean.

Bright Tava

Make soft rotis, crispy dosas, tasty theplas & more.

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#3 Scratch resistant

The solid non-stick coating not only makes the food makes the cookware scratch resistant. However, it is extremely important to use the right spoons for cooking in non-stick.

Using steel or any other regular cooking spoon with your non-stick pans could spoil its non-stick coating. Hence, you must always use non-stick spoons and spatulas to maintain its coating.

Nylon Spoons Set

Always use nylon spoons to maintain your non-stick cookware

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#4 Non-stick looks stylish and modern

The regular usage and cleaning of the steel and aluminium cookware makes it look dull and unappealing in the kitchen whereas non-stick cookware has a dark greyish coating which makes it look stylish and compliments your modern kitchen.

Roti Maker

Make rotis, dosas, uttapams, aloo parathas & more using a non-stick roti maker.

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#5 Uniform Distribution of Heat

Uniform distribution of heat is extremely important to cook food faster and hence save fuel (gas). Non-stick cookware evenly distributes heat so that food is cooked faster than regular cookware.


Use non stick kadai and save gas

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