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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 5 Reasons Why An Air Cooler Is A Smart Buy This Summer

5 Reasons Why An Air Cooler Is A Smart Buy This Summer

Last updated on: March 16, 2015 16:55 IST


#1 A cooler just consumes 33% more energy than a ceiling fan

Power chart



Buy Vox Air Cooler @ Rs 4999

A regular ceiling fan consumes 75W whereas this amazing air cooler from Vox delivers powerful cooling with a consumption of just 100 watts. Unlike air conditioners which cause respiratory infections and skin problems, this air cooler comes with a humidifier that keeps your air fresh and clean.

#2 A ceiling fan circulates air to a limited area of a room


Buy Bajaj Glacier Air Cooler @ Rs 6570

 No matter how efficient your fan is, it fails to circulate enough air during those hot summer months especially when you have a spacious room. The Bajaj Glacier air cooler boasts of a powerful air flow with air delivery of 2300 cubic meters / hr (peak) / 1400 cubic metres / hr (average). Its ChillTrap Technology and 4-way air deflection ensures the air is cool and uniformly distributed all over the place.

#3 Did you know? Air-conditioner causes Asthma


Buy Symphony Diet 35i Air Cooler @ Rs 9791

 According to a medical expert, air conditioner is one of the main reasons that cause asthma attacks in all age groups. The unclean filters of an air conditioner give rise to dust mites and several types of bacteria and virus that could result in an asthma attack. Symphony Diet 50T comes with a dust filter which keeps mosquitoes and polluted air away reducing the chances of asthma and other major ailments.

#4 Keep all your rooms cool without using an AC



Buy Mccoy Air Cooler @ Rs 5790

Buying an air conditioner is practically impossible for every room. A ceiling fan may not circulate sufficient air during summers. This Mccoy water cooler comes with a larger tank capacity of 17 ltrs and the powerful 8” 3 blade system keeps your room super cool. Besides delivering cool air, this air cooler is lightweight and comes with castor wheels which make it easier to move around the house.

#5 Cost efficient


Buy Kenstar Air Cooler @ Rs 6600

An air conditioner delivers cool air but at the cost of a higher electricity bill whereas an air coolers provides decent cooling without burning a hole in your pocket. This Kenstar Double Cool air cooler keeps your home or workplace cool and comfortable. It comes with a tank capacity of 50 Ltrs and is ideal for areas with dry climate.



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