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5 Practical Reasons Why You Should Use Trimmer over Razor

Last updated on: July 13, 2015 16:37 IST

#1 A trimmer is soft on your skin unlike a razor

Pritech Sport 3D Shaver

Buy Pritech 3D Sport Shaver @ Rs 849

Men believe that only a razor can give a close shave. But, this shaver by Pritech comes with three cutting heads which give you a closer shave just like a razor. Another interesting feature about this shaver is that you can use it even when you are in the shower as it is waterproof. That’s not all, this is a wet and dry shaver means you can use this shaver even without applying shaving foam or gel.

#2 A trimmer allows you to adjust the length of your facial hair

Nova 3609 Trimmer

Buy Nova 3609 Rechargeable Trimmer @ Rs 290

A razor will simply give a clean shave. There are no chances of sporting a stubble look. However, this trimmer comes with adjustable blades which allow you to choose a different style of beard time every time you groom your facial hair.

#3 Multi-purpose - Can be used to trim hair on chest, eyebrows and ears

Micro Touch Max Trimmer

Buy MicroTouch Max Full Body Groomer @ Rs 395 

Why use multiple equipments to groom the hair on your chest, ears, eye-brows and so on? Use this Micro Touch Max trimmer and remove the toughest hair on your body with ease. Using a razor or a pair of scissors could either hurt your skin or make things uncomfortable for you. The Micro Touch Max trimmer has an integrated light to help you see the dark areas like your ears and corners of your beard.

#4 Portable and lightweight – Comes handy while travelling

Brite ishaver

Buy Brite Pop Up Shaver @ Rs 395

Carrying the entire shaving equipment would utilize quite some space in your bag as compared to this powerful trimmer which can simply fit in a corner. This trimmer offers a powerful, yet ultra silent motor, an ergonomic design and skin-friendly blades and comb tips for the best performance on kids and adults hair.

#5 Trims your shaving time by 20 minutes

Brite Rechargeable Trimmer

Buy Brite Rechargeable Trimmer @ Rs 399

The Brite rechargeable trimmer comes with an 8800 RPM integrated motor which quickly trims your facial hair without harming your skin. The floating head of this trimmer adjusts according to the shape of your face which reduces the chances of cuts and scratches.



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