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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 7 Clever Products That Will Make You Want to go Camping

7 Clever Products That Will Make You Want to go Camping

Last updated on: December 09, 2015 10:34 IST

#1 Outdoor Shoes

Outdoor Shoes

Buy Outdoor Shoes @ Rs 599

The quintessential part of your trekking or camping expedition is a pair of rugged shoes. Here's how they look!

#2 Camping Tents

Camping Tents

Buy Camping Tents Starting @ Rs 849 

#3 Trekking Pole cum Walking Stick

Hiking Pole

Buy Hiking Pole / Trekking Stick @ Rs 399

A pair of trekking poles can make a lot of difference to your trekking experience. Trekking poles help you maintain a balance on uneven rocky surfaces. The spring loaded anti shock system absorbs the shock which makes it a suitable pick. 

#4 Hiking Bag 

Hiking Bagpack

Buy Hiking Bag @ Rs 1799

This is quite obvious. This sturdy hiking bag by Quechua can store all your essentials. The material of this bag is extremely durable. This bag is both sufficient and practical for your half/full day trips. 

 #5 Hiking LED Head Lamp

Hiking Lamp

Buy Hiking LED Head Lamp @ Rs 337

Instead of carrying a torch with extra batteries, carry this LED headlamp. LEDs usually last longer. Therefore, you don't need to carry those heavy torches.

#6 Sleeping Bag - A must have for trekking/camping

Sleeping Bag

Buy Sleeping Bag @ Rs 795

Get some sleep when you are off the activity. You need to rest for a couple of hours before you take on some new challenges.

#7 Intex Explorer Raft Set 

Intex Raft Set

Buy Intex Explorer Raft Set @ Rs 1475

If your destination involves water sports, you can take the Intex Explorer Raft set along for added fun. 



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