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5 Clever Organizers That will Unclutter Your Belongings

Last updated on: December 09, 2015 15:34 IST

#1 This pouch to hold your gadgets

Gadget pouch

Buy Gadget Pouch @ Rs 499     Buy Stylish Handbag @ Rs 399

Do you have a hard time in finding the right gadget from your handbag? This handy pouch is simply spacious and smartly designed to store all your gadgets comfortably. It easily fits in a ladies handbag. Safety is a common concern while carrying gadgets. However, you don’t need to worry as the superior cushioning of this pouch acts as a protective shield for your devices.

#2 This handbag organizer for your handbag cum dump yard

Handbag organiser

Buy Multipurpose Handbag Organizer @ Rs 299     Buy Handbag @ Rs 599 

No matter what you want, it always takes a lot of time to find it in your cluttered handbag. Buying the bigger handbag is not the solution; it is about the way you store the things in it. This handbag organizer will make your life much easier. It makes the best use of the space available in your handbag. The inside of this handbag organizer comes with multiple pockets for storing small items like coins, keys, pens and so on whereas the centre of the organizer is meant for the bigger things like the laptop, files, documents etc.

#3 This cosmetic and toiletries kit for the frequent travellers

Cosmetic and toiletries kit

Buy Cosmetic/Toiletries Kit @ Rs 399

If you are a frequent traveller by profession or passion, this little pouch is a must have for you. This can store all your toiletries or cosmetics with great ease. Also, it looks stylish unlike those complimentary pouches you receive on shopping. Even if the pouch gets drenched as it is completely waterproof.

#4 This organizer for your innerwear/lingerie

Innerwear/Lingerie organiser

Buy Innerwear/Lingerie Organizer @ Rs 399

The pouch may look tiny to you but it can carry up to 6 bras and 6 panties/briefs. It comes with a removable zipper bag which allows you to store your used innerwear as well. Even if you have just come out of a swimming pool and want to store your wet innerwear, you can place it in this organizer as it is made of a waterproof material.

#5 This organizer for all your jewellery

Jewellery Organizer

Buy Jewellery Organizer @ Rs 293

You may have those big fancy looking wooden boxes to store your jewellery. Have you ever been able to find out your favourite jewellery quickly? It rarely happens as all the big and small jewellery pieces get mixed up and rather messed up.  This jewellery organizer has 30 transparent pockets and 14 hooks to store your bangles, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and so on. This organizer keeps your jewellery organized and makes it easy for you to spot the right one especially when you are in a hurry.

Here are a wide range of organisers to choose from -


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