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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 14 Toys & Games That Will Literally Make Your Kid Jump for Joy

14 Toys & Games That Will Literally Make Your Kid Jump for Joy

Last updated on: April 23, 2018 14:16 IST

#1 This educational tablet teaches new words and pronunciations to your kid in a fun way

P1000 Tablet

 Buy P1000 Educational Tablet @ Rs 299 

#2 Your kid learns to construct 14 new types of models with this solar powered do-it-yourself kit

Solar Powered Kit

Buy 14 in 1 Solar Robot Toy Kit @ Rs 499

#3 Let your kids have a fun time as they create their very own roller coaster track at home

Roller Coaster

 Buy Kratos Imagi Trax Roller Coaster @ Rs 699

#4 Speak to Tom and he will speak back to you! Touch his left ear, he will sing songs. Touch his right ear, he will tell stories. How cool!

Talking Cat Toy

 Buy Talking Cat Toy @ Rs 479

#5 Remember the good old Hit Me punching bag? This fun toy is ideal for both indoors and outdoors

Bop Bag

 Buy Hit Me Bop Bag @ Rs 299

#6 Magic Slate - Think. Draw. Erase. Repeat

Writing Slate

 Buy Drawing Slate with Pencil and Eraser - Set of 2 @ Rs 399

#7 This soft toy is a quintessential toy for your little princess. Surprise her by placing it on her bed when she is asleep

Soft Toy

 Buy Monkey Soft Toy @ Rs 299

#8 Watching a spinning top is truly addictive. This spinning top comes with light and music which makes it an exciting sight for your kids

Spinning Top

 Buy Angry Bird Laser Light Spinning Top with SD Card Reader @ Rs 219

#9 This device projects images onto a piece of paper for kids to draw. It is a fun and an easy way to draw! Turn down the lights, switch on the projector, insert a printed slide and start drawing.

Educational Painting Projector

Buy Educational Painting Projector Toy Set @ Rs 499

#10 Make your kid an expert at playing music with this 37 key piano. With 8 types of rhythms, 22 grades time & 4 modes of volume control, playing this piano is a sheer delight


Buy 37 Keys Piano Karaoke Synthesizer @ Rs 549

#11 With 7 different animal sounds, 7 demo practice tracks, this piano keyboard is an amazing gift for kids aged 5 and above

Animal Piano

 Buy Mini Piano @ Rs 590

#12 Angry Birds Shooting Game - Aim and shoot to score more points

Angry Birds Aiming Game

 Buy Angry Birds Sling Shot Aiming Game @ Rs 199

#13 Get your little one to learn the basics of water, chemical, sound, state of matter, force, earth crust and climate with these 6 fun experiments. This kit contains tools required for the experiments and guides which provide knowledge to carry out these experiments

Science Kit

Buy 6 in 1 Educational Science Kit @ Rs 349

#14 This battery operated JCB truck comes with a remote control which enables you to move the forward-backward and lift the loader

JCB Toy with Remote

Buy JCB Toy Truck with Remote @ Rs 299



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