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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 14 Trendy Wall Clocks That Can Easily Substitute Your Wall Paintings

14 Trendy Wall Clocks That Can Easily Substitute Your Wall Paintings

April 07, 2015 14:34 IST

#1 Extremely innovative and different wall clock designs

wall clock 1

Buy Butterfly Wall Clock @ Rs 899

Buy Falling Leaves Wall Clock @ Rs 499

If the wall on which you intend to place the clock is not that bigger to accommodate a wall paining, go for this trendy wall clocks with decals that make your room look attractive and stylish along with showing the right time.

#2 Clocks for your studious kids or your own study room

wall clock 2

Buy Books Wall Clock @ Rs 2500

Buy Colourful Books Wall Clock @ Rs 1999

Why set an alarm for studies; let the clock itself remind your kids that they have to study every time they see it. This book shaped wall clock is a perfect addition to your kids’ bedroom. The design of this wall clock is attractive and at the same time does not have a design that could distract your kids mind.

#3 Pet lovers – This one is for you!

Wall clock

Buy Cat and Dog Wall Clock @ Rs 1199

This wall clock is perfect for anyone who has a pet or loves animals. The background of a cat and a dog looks surprisingly real.

#4 For those who love creativity

Wall clock 4

Buy 3D Wall Clock @ Rs 699

Buy Numeric Designer Wall Clock @ Rs 2160

These wall clocks simply do not look like a standard wall clock. The first one is a 3D clock with digits and a separate watch mechanism whereas the second one is an analogue style wall clock with numbers all around the clock as the design. These wall clocks look unique and are sure to stand out from the rest.

#5 For the girls bedroom

Wall clock 5

Buy Pink Roses Wall Clock @ Rs 799    Buy Peacock Wall Clock @ Rs 1690

Buy Love Digital Print Wall Clock @ Rs 1199

When it comes to decorating a girl’s bedroom, these wall clocks would definitely enhance the appeal instead of those typical pictures of roses or random designs. These wall clocks feature an attractive design and have a touch of femininity that makes them a perfect choice for a girls bedroom.

#6 For those who are design conscious

Wall clock 6

Buy Blue Round Wall Clock @ Rs 1199

Buy Black Round Wall Clock @ Rs 350

If you like something that is simpler but also appealing at the same time, these wall clocks have an eye catching appeal. The clocks have encircled design that makes your wall look distinct and classy. These wall clocks will enhance the appeal of your living room. 

#7 For all the nature lovers out there

Wall clock 7

Buy Designer Black Wall Clock @ Rs 890

Buy Designer Brown Wall Clock @ Rs 660

These trendy wall clocks available in black and brown colour come with tree and bird theme. You can replace this wall clock with that old picture that has trees and birds.



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