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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 11 Ways to Make Your Kid Smarter & Active This Summer Holidays

11 Ways to Make Your Kid Smarter & Active This Summer Holidays

Last updated on: April 13, 2015 15:41 IST

The summer vacation has started in most of the schools and now the big question that comes in the mind of every parent is how to keep their children engaged, active as well as make them smarter during these months when their away from school.

Here are some tips and ideas to keep your kids engaged in a constructive way - 

1. Ride On Bikes - Teach your child how to ride a bike before you get him or her a bicycle. Training wheels make learning to ride much easier and safer. This will help their balancing skills & make them more active physically.

Electric Childern Ride On Bike

Buy Electric Children Ride OnBike For Just Rs.3270


Buy Abi Dirt Battery Operated Bike For Kids Green For Just Rs.6900

2. Tablet & Laptops – These new age educational toys will help your kids to learn English alphabets and also improve English spellings and their pronunciation.  These toys have number keys, inbuilt different sounds of animals & much more playful educative stuff!

Kids Learner LaptopP1000 Kids Educational Tablet

Buy Kids Educational Tablet For Just Rs.263

Buy Kids Learner Laptop For Just Rs.589

3. Master Chef Inspired – If your kids have shown affinity towards cooking then buy this kitchen cooking set for them. The kitchen is just like the real one. It increases your child's imagination and helps them acquire daily life knowledge.

Kids Play Big Kitchen Cook Set Toy Pretend Kitchen Set

Buy Big Kitchen Set Worth Rs.1125

4. Floating Toys – The latest in the toy segment - Air Swimmers. Not only can you fly them around as if they are swimming through the air but they their size makes them so much more than average balloons.


Air Swimmers Toys - Remote Control Flying Clown Fish

Buy Air Swimmers  Remote Control Toys For Just Rs.1490 

5. Remote Controlled Cars – This remote controlled car comes with a video game kit. It will never let your kids get bored at home during holidays. Comes with a free cassette of thrilling & exciting games. 

TV Video Game Remote Controlled R/c Sports Car

Buy TV Video Remote Control For Just Rs.699 

6. For to be Fashion Designers –  Let your child play with this pink-tastic Barbie game for girls, where you will get her to be a part of the Barbie fashion world!  Let her create super styling fashion designs and amazing makeovers. 

Barbie Doll Set With Beautiful Trendy Dresses Kids Toys Toy Baby Gift - 90

Buy Barbie Doll Set For Just Rs.1649

7. Carrom Board: A great way to spend valuable time with children plus it increases the logical reasoning power of in them. Studies have found that challenging the brain with mentally stimulating leisure activities would largely reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. 


Facto Power Carrom Board

Buy Carrom Board 6mm For Just Rs.1899 

8. Rubik's Cube To Get The Logic Right Early: The Rubik’s cube helps in increasing the kid's general concentration which is important from the smallest to the biggest challenges in life.

Magic Puzzle Cube For Starters Non Sticker

Buy 3X3X3 magic Cube For Just Rs.149

9. Stop Keeping The Kid's Indoors Most Of The Time & Get Them Out In The Open -

Ride On Kids Scooter Cycle For Children Kids Plastic 8 Piece Cricket Set With Stumps And Ball

Buy Kids Scooter Cycle For Children For Just Rs.785 

Buy This Amazing Cricket Set For Children For Just Rs.320 

10. Make Them Swim & Beat The Heat - Such a swimming pool is perfect for young children and at 5 feet in diameter and 10 inches deep it is big enough to splash water and have a good time and small enough to keep them safe.

Happy Animals Clearview Snapset Pool

Buy This Happy Clerview Snapset Swimming Pool For Just Rs.625

#11. Teach your children the habit of keeping their personal space organized - This multipurpose Almirah will get them to organize and keep their stuff in the right places.

Multipurpose Cloth Almirah,4 Shelves Cupboard,wardrobe Specially For Kid

Buy Multipurpose Almirah Cupboard For Just Rs.1199



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