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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 10 Easy Car Maintenance Tips To Learn from a Car Lover

10 Easy Car Maintenance Tips To Learn from a Car Lover

Last updated on: October 27, 2015 18:18 IST

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#1 No matter where they are, they always make it a point to use a body cover to cover their beloved vehicle.

Car Body Cover

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Avoid parking your car in direct sunlight. Use a waterproof car body cover as it protects your car against scratches, sunlight and water.

#2 They change the wiper blades every year before the rainy season

Car Wiper Blades

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As we all know, the life of wiper blades is almost one year. It is highly advisable to change your wiper blades almost every year.

#3 The car lovers cannot afford to see scratches on their dashboard

Dashboard Cover

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Do you remember how neat your dashboard looked when you bought your car? You can protect the texture of your car's dashboard with this dashboard cover. This cover protects the dashboard from UV rays which result in its damage.

#4 They use car safety guards

Car Safety Protectors

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The edges of your bumper are at maximum risk while taking turns from a narrow distance. Use bumper protectors to keep your bumpers safe from scratches and dents. Also, the edges of your door are more likely to get scratches while you open the door of your parked car as it may hit the neighbouring car or the wall. You can use these door guards to protect the edges of your door from scratches. 

#5 They use a car key cover to protect their key especially during monsoons

Car Key Covers

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Of late, the usage of car keys with remote control has increased. However, you need to protect that remote from the rain water during rainy season. You can use this car key cover as it protects the circuit of your car key remote. 

#6 They use magnetic sun shades to protect the interiors of their car

Sun shades

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The UV rays entering your car damage the texture of your dashboard and seat covers and also affect the performance of your car air conditioner. Using magnetic sun shades is a one stop solution for all these problems.

#7 Every car lover has a bottle holder fixed in his/her car to prevent spills on the car seat

Car Perfume

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Nobody likes unpleasant odour especially when one is in a closed setting. You can use a car perfume in your car to keep your car fresh and fragrant.

#8 Despite the power steering, they have a steering cover for better handling

Steering Covers

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A steering cover is useful in more than one situation. It absorbs the moisture on your palms and provides adequate comfort.

#9 They don’t mind spending a little extra on the seat covers

Seat Covers

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The regular cheap quality seat covers available across the market do not last longer and tend to lose its shape, texture and start getting damaged after a period of time. Go for these high quality seat covers which are sure to last for many years. These seat covers are made of the best quality fabric. They are tear resistant and are safe from the direct impact of the sunlight. These seat covers are easy to clean and maintain.

#10 Their cars have the best quality car mats

Car Floor Mats

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Obviously, they don’t want anyone to spoil the clean interiors of their car. Use superior car mats to protect your car from dust and grin. 



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