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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living »  7 Most Useful Car Accessories To Make It More Safe, Stylish and Clean

7 Most Useful Car Accessories To Make It More Safe, Stylish and Clean

March 02, 2015 17:56 IST

Today let’s discover some useful car accessories which are not simply essential but most useful for your daily commuting. We have put together some common problems which we face every day during our daily travel to offices or even on your business trips -

#1.    Reoadside car emergency assistance (Available Only For Delhi NCR Region): 

 Help On Wheels Tyre Care Emergency Roadside Assistance Package

Buy Help On Wheels Emergency Roadside Assistance @ Just Rs.249

This roadside car assistance package can help you get out of situations such as tyre puncture problems, tyre replacement, you can send send urgent messages to your friends and family for help, towing assistance, pick and drop in case emergency, trace mate mechanic. You just need to install a google app on your phone. 

#2.    Reduce the harm of second hand smoke on others: Get this portable car travel LED light Ash Tray for easier and safer night time ashing equipped with snuffer hole and self-cleaning design which can absorb smoke by activated charcoal filter.

Attractive Looking Portable Car Travel LED Light Ash Tray

Buy Attractive Looking Portable Car Travel Led Ash Tray @ Rs.399 

#3.    Use these car bins that makes Swachh car & Swachh Bharat: There is lot of waste that gets accumulated in car when we travel either we throw the waste out of window or tend to keep it in car making car dirty. Car bins help to keep roads and the car clean.

Lighthouse Leather Finish Semi Cylindrical Car Bin - For '' Swachh Bharat''

Buy  Wide Variety Of Lighthouse Car-bin Starts Rs.267

Buy This Black Light House Car Bin @ Just Rs.400 

#4.    Now keep car tyre pressure accurate any-time anywhere with foot air pump with pressure meter

Dh Mini Multi-purpose Foot Pump Air For Bike, Car, Toys, Footbaal

Buy DH Mini Multi Purpose Foot Pump For Bikes and Car 

#5.    Decorate your car with cool and gorgeous lighting show: Sound-activated colourful LED lights graphic equalizer car sticker. The colorful LED lights will flash as the music rhythm, give you a romantic and fashionable ambiance.

Buy This Equalizer Pattern Car Music Rhythm LED Light Sheet For Car Rear Window @ Just Rs.999

#6.    Now get your laptop charge even while travelling in car: This high power DC adaptor is designed to power the popular brand notebook computers which requie DC input from 15V to 24V while you are travelling in the car. The adaptor features overload and short circuit protection to protect it from damage.

Power up your notebook computer, digital camera, GPS, DVD player, PSP, cell phone, iPhone, iPod, PDAs, etc.

Pinguz Dc To Ac Car Inverter

Buy Pinguz DC To AC Car Inverter For Laptops And High End Gadgets @ Rs.999

#7.    Keep your car engine last long: Bosch Synergy is known to offer outstanding protection under all operating conditions. It Keep engine cleaner with lower oil consumption at high temperatures and gives better performance than others.

Bosch Lubricants

Buy Bosch Lubricant For Car @ Rs.4140



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